Survivor: Caramoan - Episode 10

Zipping Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

By Ben Willoughby

April 18, 2013

With Brandon and us gone, who will people despise now? Oh right, Cochran.

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Phillip calls his alliance over to take a walk. They all agree that they want Reynold gone next. Based on the numbers, “nothing can go wrong tonight,” says Andrea, who insists on dooming them all. They agree to split the vote, four for Reynold, three for Malcolm. They do their embarrassing team empowerment Stealth R Us whisper. Somewhere, there's some idiot CEO thinking “that is so cool!”

Probst sighting! Immunity challenge. Brenda hands back the idol and Probst explains the challenge. This challenge is happening out in the water on and under platforms. It’s a race. The castaways have to dive off the platform, pull themselves along the rope underneath the platform to the other end, climb back up, grab a ring, run to the end they started from and put the ring on a post. Then they have to do it again. There are two groups of five, and the first two from each group go through to the next and final round, where they do the same thing, only five times. Winner gets immunity and exhaustion.

Reynold, Cochran, Dawn, Andrea and Sherri are in the first round. As you’d expect, it is an easy win for Reynold. Andrea and Dawn compete for second place, and Andrea just coming out ahead.

Brenda, Malcolm, Phillip, Eddie and Erik are in the second round, but Phillip – who is hugging Andrea, Dawn, Sherri and Cochran – says he won’t be competing. He starts to explain about a scary experience he had in the water once before he is cut off. The second round starts off much tighter than the first, but Malcolm and Eddie pull ahead on the second lap. It looks to be over until Eddie is over-confident putting his ring on the post, and accidentally spills it into the water. “No! Eddie didn’t get his ring on!” Brenda gets hers on the post, and she makes it through to the final round with Malcolm.


The final round has Malcolm, Reynold, Andrea and Brenda, and predictably Reynold and Malcolm get off to a fast start and Andrea and Brenda are left behind. Malcolm just leads at the first lap, but Reynold overtakes him on lap three and never really looks back. Reynold wins immunity! Malcolm is spent. Reynold has enough energy to swim over to Probst and collect the immunity necklace and his “one in nine shot at winning this game, ha ha yeah right”.

Everyone arrives back at camp, and there isn’t the same bonhomie as we’ve seen the last couple of weeks when Brenda and Cochran won immunity. Reynold says to the group “I have a ton of respect for all of you,” before going to confessional and interviewing, “I have no respect for Phillip.” According to Reynold, “it’s sacrilegious to not even participate in a personal immunity challenge - epecially when you have lions and gorillas tattooed on your body. Come on, man.” Phillip has forsaken his holy vows! He’s an apostate in the eyes of Probst!

Phillip calls Andrea aside and they decide to split the vote with four for Malcolm and three for Eddie. Phillip interviews that he might have a shot not just at final three, but “if these people aren’t bitter, I might just have a shot of winning.” Dawn comes up, and they are all convinced that Malcolm does not have an idol. Meanwhile, Malcolm is interviewing about the idol he does have, and about how he could play it and stay, but he’d rather get through the vote and still have the idol. Anyway, Malcolm, Reynold and Eddie decide their only option is to go looking for the idol that was burned at the last Tribal Council and is now back in play.

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