The Amazing Race Season 22 Recap: Episode 4

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 11, 2013

Does the clue say anything about making the worst mistake in the history of the show?

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Ultimately, rather than use the Express Pass, they decide to switch tasks. Jessica once again asks him if they should turn in the pass, but John is certain that he is better than everyone else here. Eventually, he decides that if they show up and the derby girls are still at the task, they’ll make a decision on what to do.

As for the derby girls, we haven’t seen much of them tonight, but the task is clearly arduous. It’s taken them about three passes to fill up their container, and they are also exhausted. They leave before John & Jessica arrive.

Caroline & Jennifer have arrived at the Pitstop mat with their surfboard, but it’s the wrong one. She thinks that they have encountered “surfers” and “Bali”, which is technically correct, but common sense should tell her it’s too easy. This should have allowed Team YouTube to catch up to them, but they have gone to the wrong beach. We briefly hope that they’ll start working on someone else’s sand castle, but no such luck.

This gives Chuck an opening to get in front of the youngsters, and he’s headed out to examine the surfboards. Caroline decides that she’ll just pick any random board and she and Jennifer trudge back over to the mat where Phil is standing. Miraculously, it’s the correct one, so they are in fact team number four.

When John & Jessica arrive at the Sandy Bottom task, they fail to appreciate what finishing in last place in the Amazing Race indicates. John simply thinks this challenge is a dream come true relative to the other one. He would be correct if they hadn’t already wasted several hours crafting someone’s living room adornment, followed by failing to correctly recreate an easily duplicated religious totem. Watching tonight’s episode must be a humbling, almost out-of-body experience for John. He has failed as much as any single player we have ever seen. Whether or not they are eliminated tonight, they deserve to be.


The hockey players have finished their religious offering and are headed over to the beach. Chuck has picked the wrong board and is directionally challenged. Team YouTube picks the right one, and shows their selection to the roller derby moms, which means they are the next two teams to finish.

Anthony picks the right board, but sets it aside and starts wandering all over the place. Chuck has checked in with the wrong board and is sent back to pick again. John and Chuck are basically battling it out for eighth place. Chuck searches frantically, grabs a board and heads up to the Pitstop where they are checked in as team number eight.

Unwilling to face reality, John is certain that someone is still behind him, but Jessica tells him that she believes all the other teams have arrived. Nonetheless, he keeps looking at surfboards and even suggests that he should go down to the beach and look at some random ones. John has gone over to the bad place.

Phil delivers the bad news that John & Jessica have been eliminated. Not only that, but they are the first team in Amazing Race history to be eliminated while still holding an Express Pass. John doesn’t understand why that’s a big deal, and is so far in denial about the situation that after they leave, Phil looks at the camera and says, “Oy Vey.” This is the worst failure AND worst mistake in the history of The Amazing Race… at the same time!

Oh, well. At least some nice man in Bali has a nice decoration for his living room.

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