The Amazing Race Season 22 Recap: Episode 4

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 11, 2013

Does the clue say anything about making the worst mistake in the history of the show?

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The hockey dudes deviate from everyone else because they have gotten lost, and when they arrive at the Sacred Monkey Forest, an evil little dude runs away with their coconut and takes it to an area where they cannot see it. They’re well behind at the moment, but their fortunes may change because…

Mona & Beth have elected to do Sandy Bottom, which instantly seems like an overly taxing challenge. While going down the steps, one of them falls. They figure that since the women in the river are making it look easy, they should be able to breeze through the task with no problem at all.

“This is a detail-oriented task that definitely plays to my strengths of being anal-retentive,” says the guy who just built a fake peppermint offering at some dude’s house.

By the time the hockey players get their clue from their monkey, they are forced to decide which task they will perform based on whether their taxi driver knows the location. Thus, they choose Fruity Top, which may play in their favor if the Sock’er Moms struggle with the Sandy Bottom task.

Over at Uluwatu Surf Beach, Pam & Winnie and Dave & Connor have separated themselves from the path. The Road Block has them searching through a lot of surfboards to find one with a picture of something they’ve encountered along the race. Max & Katie arrive soon after.


John & Jessica are struggling with the “real” offering. Despite being “detail-oriented”, their fruit is positioned all wrong and Jessica feels like they need to start all over. This creates an opening for Bates & Anthony, who are past their monkey troubles and just now arriving at the Detour location.

On the beach, Winnie is unable to find Phil. She offers to cut a deal with Connor and show him the right board if he’ll allow her to finish first, but he declines. While trying to figure out where Phil is, he sees her board and is able to deduce which one is correct. This is brilliant play on Connor’s part, and Max also locates the clue shortly afterward. Connor grabs his dad and they head off to the Pitstop together. Once again, they arrive in first place, which is “nothing short of remarkable,” as Phil says. For their trouble, they are awarded $5,000 apiece, an amount that might cover one-fifth of the price of the Achilles surgery Dave requires.

Second place goes to Pam & Winnie, who just couldn’t locate Phil. Pam’s happy about the result, but Winnie is furious because she knows she just threw away whatever tonight’s prize was. Right behind them are Max & Katie, who miraculously managed not to be bitchy tonight.

While John & Jessica continue to struggle at the Detour, Team YouTube has finished the task and will be moving ahead. If John & Jessica would just look at the women watching them, they’d know that they’re going about it all wrong. They discuss using the Express Pass, but John says no. Seriously, the monkeys from Sacred Monkey Forest would do a better job at this than these two.

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