The Amazing Race Season 22 Recap: Episode 4

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 11, 2013

Does the clue say anything about making the worst mistake in the history of the show?

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All of the players are impressed by the monkeys. The edits reveal the giant teeth the monkeys possess. We quickly realize that if Dave collapses, his Amazing Race journey will come to a horrifying end. You know what’s better than fruit? Meat!

The first team to successfully retrieve a clue from the monkeys is Dave & Connor. Apparently, the monkeys don’t just hand them their clues good-naturedly (who knew?). We question the training in the Sacred Monkey Forest. Instead, the monkeys must eat the coconut first, allowing the clue to drop out.

What does that clue reveal? A Detour, which allows them to choose between Sandy Bottom and Fruity Top. For Sandy Bottom, they have to fill a container with sand from a river, put it on their head, and then carry it up to a brick maker. Once they’ve filled their container to a designated level, they will receive their next clue. Fruity Top requires teams to prepare an elaborate religious offering made of fruit, which looks complicated but doesn’t require a lot of physical exertion.

All of the first seven teams choose to do Fruity Top. Dave & Connor don’t really have a choice, but we presume the other three go with it because it requires a lot less exhausting effort.

Pam & Winnie and Dave & Connor are the first ones to complete their offering, and the girls are the first ones to join the religious procession, which has a woman carrying the offering on her head. Pam & Winnie’s ceremony finishes first, which means they are awarded a clue that sends them to Uluwatu Surf Beach in search of their next clue.


Meanwhile, John & Jessica make the dumbest mistake of the episode thus far. They arrive at the house where they think they’ll build their offering, and see what they think are examples of what should build. The problem is that they are not in the right place, and the person they are talking to has no idea who they are or why they are there. He also doesn’t speak English so he can’t relay this information. He’s just a guy making a diorama when these pushy but energetic Americans show up and start helping.

The best part is that he starts to play along with them, helping them with their “offering” – even sticking a piece of peppermint candy in the middle - and then dressing them up to take it on its trip to the ceremony. When they ask a translator to ask the man if any other players have been there before them, they learn that none have, but there seem to have been several people down the road at a different ceremonial offering building place.

“Oh my gosh. We just made something at someone else’s house!” Jessica says.

When they finally reach the correct location, they see their allies. Oddly, they do not relay the story of their adventure. We strongly suspect that the other players are learning about this for the first time as the episode airs tonight. Chagrined, John tells Jessica that they need to get their game faces on. They have a hand signal for just such a moment. You will be thrilled to know that we have just made the same signal to each other to focus ourselves for the rest of this recap. We shamefully admit that up to now we have been typing this on someone else’s computer and would have posted it to another website.

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