The Amazing Race Season 22 Recap: Episode 4

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

March 11, 2013

Does the clue say anything about making the worst mistake in the history of the show?

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Max & Katie win the prize for being forward thinking this week, as they immediately go into the lodge near the Pitstop to contact a travel agency and make prearrangements for the fastest trip to Bali. Alas, they learn that the travel agent is 76 kilometers away and requires them to pick up the tickets in person, which does not seem very 2013 of them. All kidding aside, isn’t it about time for The Amazing Race contestants to get iPads?

Pam & Winnie are luckier, as they discover the same flight arriving at 8:30 and book it online. All of the rest of the contestants are confused by the arcane rules in place at the airport. All of the ticket desk employees refer them to travel agencies. Apparently, one is right by the airport, so it appears everyone will be congregating there. The good news for Max & Katie is that since they called ahead, their tickets are waiting for them and they’re out the door in just a moment.

The three-team alliance is discussed once again. The participants are John & Jessica, Team YouTube, and the Sock’er Moms. We’re not completely clear on how the roller derby women fit in. We presume it has to be something maternal since the other four players are so young. Whatever the reason, we’re looking forward to that ruthless moment when John & Jessica betray their mother figures.

Four teams attain an advantage by getting on the first flight, which will arrive in Bali at 8:35 a.m. This grouping includes Max & Katie, Dave & Connor, Caroline & Jennifer and Pam & Winnie. It would be a shock if any of these four teams is eliminated tonight, unless Dave has to quit for medical reasons.


The second group will be arriving at 12:05 p.m. Mona & Beth, Bates & Anthony and Chuck & Wynona are in the mix here. The final quartet will also be in Bali at 12:05 via a different route, and these four players are Joey & Meghan and Jessica & John. These two sets of teams will be hoping for no setbacks with regards to layovers. The quartet believes that they have gained a competitive advantage during the layover as they discover a flight that should arrive at 10:35. Basically, it took them less than one segment to stab the Sock’er Mom friends in the back.

We briefly detour into a Jackie Chan movie, as the contestants are required to visit the Sacred Monkey Forest. They are instructed to choose a coconut and give it to a monkey, who will show them their next clue.

Caroline & Jennifer’s taxi driver gives them each a flower to put in their hair. They “reward” him with an Amazing Race song that lasts 40 seconds that somehow seem like forever. He gives them a thumbs up, which is probably something no critic had ever done before. Seriously, if they try to pay for their cab fare with their singing, they’re going to get dumped on the side of the road a lot.

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