Survivor: One World Recap

Never Say Die

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 26, 2012

I always have the idol! Even when I don't have the idol, I have the idol!

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The third question is, “Who most needs a wake-up call in life?” Every single person (except Kat) answers Kat. (If you’re wondering, Kat thinks it’s Christina.) Every single person except Kat gets it right. Sabrina hits Tarzan, while Tarzan gives Chelsea her second shot. Kim says, “I love you,” as she sends Tarzan spiraling down into the pits of doom. No one who is wielding an axe in your voodoo doll’s general direction truly loves you. It is known.

Christina and Sabrina both get some hits, but Alicia sends Chelsea out of the challenge.

Fourth question: “Who is the biggest poseur”) Kat doesn’t know what “poseur” means. Troyzan seems to be the consensus amongst the people remaining in the challenge, and that is the correct response. Alicia is the only one to miss, as she guessed Christina. Kim chops Sabrina, Christina smacks Kim, and Alicia now is up to two hits.

Next question is: “Who does the least for their tribe?” Sabrina is the answer. That’s problematic. Christina chops Kat, who wonders what she did to the woman she has voted for in almost every one of these questions. Alicia takes Kat out of the challenge, while Kim eliminates Sabrina.

Jeff then asks, “Who would you most like to be stranded with on an island?” The answer is Kim, and several people just outed themselves on national television. Kim gets it right, as does Alicia, which means that Christina is kindling.

The final question is, “Who do you hope to never see again after the game?” Kim and Alicia both answer Troyzan, and they both get it right. Since Kim has two chops left before her dummy dies while Alicia only has one, Kim wins the challenge. It’s picnic time for her.

As speculated, Kim does get to choose someone to go with her. She chooses Alicia, staying with her plan to make sure that Troyzan has no opportunity to scheme with his former tribemate. Then, she’s allowed to pick a second person, and breaks Kat’s heart by selecting Chelsea. This should tell Kat some things, but she’s too, um, naïve to work it out.


Troyzan points out that Kim’s choices reveal who the top alliance is, saying that Kim, Alicia and Chelsea are in it together to the end. The thing is, we know there was discussion about separating the potentially treacherous Alicia, so Kim actually had her bases covered here. Well done. Honestly, Troyzan has so little respect at this point, no one is going to give the slightest consideration to any words coming from his mouth.

Kim, Alicia and Chelsea are really glad they have the food to eat, allowing them to gain their strength, but Kim honestly can’t decide whether she’s glad she won or not. She figures that because of the very personal nature of the Reward Challenge and the choices she made with regards to who to bring with her, some people might decide that now is a good time to move against her.

Lo and behold, Kat is bitching that she had to stay behind. It’s a blatant attempt by the Survivor producers to show “discord.” The reality is that Kat is just being a petulant brat. Troyzan reiterates that Kim’s behavior is showing everyone else where they stand in the game, but Kat and Sabrina exchange knowing smiles. If Troyzan hadn’t alienated everyone else still in the game, they might have listened. Don’t kill a whale and then expect to get season passes to the aquarium.

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