Survivor: One World Recap

Never Say Die

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 26, 2012

I always have the idol! Even when I don't have the idol, I have the idol!

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Kim reveals that she was a bit disconcerted to have Troyzan gunning for her at Tribal Council. She’s fully aware that she is in total control of the game at the moment, and was hoping that she might be able to get through a couple more rounds of voting before she became a target. Regardless, she’s pleased with the outcome so far, noting that the women’s alliance remains loyal and united.

Kim is a great player, but she doesn’t provide much in terms of comedy value.

Troyzan knows he’s in trouble. In fact, we might as well go ahead and play “It’s anyone but Troyzan.” For the rest of this episode, we will just refer to him as Dead Meat.

The producers waste absolutely no time. Tree mail arrives, and the Survivors are told that today’s Reward Challenge will require no physical exertion, but rather will use their powers of perception.

Kat thinks it’s high time that she gets to have a reward, and says that whether she wins or Kim wins, they have an arrangement to take each other to enjoy the prize. Kim makes the point that regardless of what happens, they don’t want to allow Troyzan, Alicia and Christina to be alone together. She’s thinking all the time.


Probst is here! The Reward Challenge is effectively a popularity contest. They have to answer questions about themselves, and if they get them right, they have the opportunity to chop at a rope that supports a voodoo doll representing one of their opponents. If a voodoo doll falls into the fire, the corresponding Survivor is out of the challenge. The winner gets to take a helicopter ride to a location where they’ll have a picnic.

The first question is, “Who does not deserve to still be here?” The answers are all over the board, but two power players, Kim and Chelsea, have answered Christina. Overall, that is the group choice, though some other folks have guessed Troyzan, Tarzan and Kat. That pretty much cuts to the core for Christina, who has passively been letting things happen around her. Will this revelation spur her into action?

Kim, Chelsea and Troyzan all get that answer correct. Troyzan hits Kat. Kim targets Troyzan, while Chelsea chops Tarzan (because she hates plastic surgeons, duh).

The next question is, “Who would you trust with your life?” The correct answer out of the people standing here is Jeff Probst, but we bet he’s not eligible as an answer. Instead, there’s a split vote between Troyzan and Kim. The latter is the correct choice, though, and Alicia, Chelsea and Christina get it right. Christina attacks Chelsea’s doll (interesting, that), Chelsea gives Troyzan his second strike, and Alicia sends his doll into the all-consuming flames of death. It’s a metaphor for what’s going to happen at Tribal Council, really.

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