The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 9, 2012

This guy looks (and presumably sounds) like Patrick Warburton, right?

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During last time ‘round, Team Jersey Shore finally bungled their way out of the race. They proved more competent racers than I imagined but their inability to beat Army of Two Blonde Rachel & Dave for the Fast Forward put them too far back. Of course, this happened after I finally began to think Joey & Danny deserved to be higher in the rankings.

While I incorrectly guessed that the last leg would be a non-elimination, I suspect this week will be. You will know by the picture at the top of the page whether I am correct or not (if it’s not a picture of a team, you can beat it was a non-elimination).

We have winnowed the field down to only six remaining teams and while there is still a clear front runner, another team isn’t too far behind (but still second, mind you). Here’s how they’ll fare in my mind (fair warning: not a lot happened on the last leg to change my mind much):

  • Team Border Patrol Art & JJ - Sitting in their rightful place on the throne of this season are Art & JJ. They scrubbed down an oily guy like nobody’s business, which is particularly fitting because that really shouldn’t be anybody’s actual business. Anyway, Border Patrol continues to run a near-flawless race. They once again took first (among teams that didn’t get to use a Fast Forward). Since the rules stipulate that they can only use a Fast Forward once on the race, the guys had to settle for second place but we know the truth and that is why I must continue to put them in first over…

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  • Army of Two Rachel & Dave - This team actually surprised me that both members kept their cool during the Fast Forward, especially since their competition was right beside them the whole time. Neither flipped out when the other struggled, so maybe they are growing as a team and not just growing in animosity toward one another. There is much reason to think that they can’t make it to the end…and second place because we all know that Art & JJ are going to win, right? Right? (Hopefully.)

  • Team Un-Fed Nary & Jamie - The unnecessarily deceptive federal agents had been consistent middle of the pack racers and are fairly forgettable as a team (but more memorable that the other female team knocked out two legs ago…it was the cousins from Mississippi named…Oh I don’t remember). Nary & Jamie have enough drive to get them to the end but they aren’t strong enough to pass up Rachel & Dave and especially not enough to best Art & JJ. I give the likeable fake teachers just a slight edge over…

  • Bopper & Mark - Team Justified clearly have a goal in mind and that goal is: Prove Daron wrong. I had little to no faith in Bopper & Mark on the race in the beginning, yet they are proving to be the fun-loving, happy-to-be-there team of the season. And that 'Aw Shucks' outward appearance doesn't accurately depict the fact that they have been progressively climbing the ladder to the top of the pack. While I still think that they will get nosed out of the top three, they should prevail over…

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