The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 9, 2012

This guy looks (and presumably sounds) like Patrick Warburton, right?

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  • (tie) divorcees Vanessa & Ralph and Big Brother’s Brendon & Rachel - Based solely upon the teased arguments between teams while waiting for some form of transportation, I MUST keep them tied. And this time for last place. Do I think that they are stronger than that? Yes, but I think that their common hatred will be the undoing of one of them and I am not sure which. Both teams seem consumed with and preoccupied by the opposing team and it will be their downfall. My wish is that it would be Big Brother (for hatred already explained ad nauseum) but my gut says that it will be the divorcees to go home first. But it won’t matter who’s last this week because it will be a non-elimination. Remember? Maybe.

  • Phil teases us more with the hatred brewing between Big Brother and the divorcees, plus Border Patrol’s earlier stated distaste for Big Brother resurfaces. Art & JJ also question Team Un-Fed about their real profession because they don’t believe they are teachers. Oooooohhhhhh...this could be quite the tense leg. Let’s get on with the racing and see if my predictions about the race (and more importantly, if anyone actually goes home) are correct.

    Fast Forwarding Rachel & Dave leave the mat at 9:15 p.m. and get the news that Kilimanjaro, Tanzania is their destination. Unfortunately, the friendly neighborhood travel agent breaks the news that the best and earliest route doesn’t leave until 8:30 in the morning. This means that the airport is the likely locale for all the promised inter-team drama.


    Border Patrol is next off the mat about an hour and a half later. They tell the camera that Big Brother is the weakest team and should be gone because they only draft off the teams immediately in from of them (mainly Border Patrol). I think the guys think even less of Bad Rachel & Brendon than I do…and I didn’t think that was possible.

    As expected by Art & JJ, Big Brother shows up at the travel agency right behind them and attempts to spy on their travel plans. As Team Justified settles into line after Big Brother, they innocently ask if the “teachers” are behind them. Art then publicly challenges the girls’ professional lie. He tells the other two teams that they aren’t teachers and are in some type of law enforcement. What tipped him off?

    During the last layover, Jamie asked the question, “What type of UC operations do they do in border patrol?” As Art says, teachers just wouldn’t use that wording, plus teachers would be more friendly, social and “bouncy” (as Bad Rachel says). This is a bit of a stretch in my mind by Border Patrol because not only have I met some very unfriendly teachers in my day but also, what if they had family members or significant others that were career law enforcement? The lingo would likely rub off on them.

    Regardless, it’s impressive that Art & JJ picked up on the crack in their story and that they strategically used the girls’ lie to make the other teams doubt them. As expected, Big Brother recounts the conversation to Nary & Jamie, who then confess to the camera that it’s probably a good thing because it lets them prove their agency (which still hasn’t been named) is better than Art & JJ’s.

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