The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 9, 2012

This guy looks (and presumably sounds) like Patrick Warburton, right?

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Overcoming their in-fighting, Blonde Rachel & Dave are the first ones done and make a break for Phil. Dave is amazed that they have somehow overcome their stubbornness and bickering to pull out a first place finish this leg. Phil points out that this is their fourth first place finish, which means on this season, unless you’re a border patrol agent, an Army pilot or wife of an Army pilot, you have yet to be first.

In second is Team Justified, who rolls up on the mat as giddy as a couple of Kentucky boys at the Derby. Art & JJ are number three and when Phil asks about the rift between teams, they say they just try to minimize their involvement and focus on the million dollars. Do they not realize that Phil has probably seen or at least heard about their actual involvement and comments? Silly boys.

Speaking of rifts, Big Brother is checked in as number four and Phil gives them a similar chance to address the elephant in the room/African savannah. They also downplay that they aren’t going to let it get to them or spoil the experience. Again, Phil knows what’s going on. Now you just look like liars.

Vanessa & Ralph leave Team Un-Fed as the only ones still at the campsite. Vanessa finally takes Phil’s bait. She says that all the teams are on the same page about Big Brother and she has no desire to be friends with them in the race or even speak to them. Well, that refreshing honesty is probably more than Phil was expected given the bland answers from earlier.


If their “we don’t have a man on our team, so that’s why we are losing” excuse didn’t upset feminists, then they will probably be upset by Jamie’s observation that the guys at work will be happy because she and Nary are finally in a shower together. The ladies don’t quit on the task, though. Knowing they are last, they decide to take one more stop on the way to Phil to watch a herd of elephants on the plains. As expected, Phil greets them with non-elimination news. Glad I was right.

Next week, Border Patrol severs their alliance with Army of Two for some reason with a heavy dose of anger. A Double U-Turn rears its head and unsurprisingly, it looks like making enemies of all the other teams means you get one of those U-Turns. Just ask Brendon & Bad Rachel, who appear to be on the receiving end.

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