The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

April 9, 2012

This guy looks (and presumably sounds) like Patrick Warburton, right?

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Surely, they put a commercial break here because it’s over, right? Right? Wrong.

With Vanessa & Ralph at the ticket counter, Rachel recaps for everyone to hear that Vanessa said she was “fat and needed a nose job.” Vanessa clarifies that she didn’t say she was fat but rather in front of her and bigger than she is. Again, Ralph attempts to diffuse his teammate’s anger but Brendon just stands there like a lump.

Art & JJ aren’t finished either with their assessment of Big Brother. As they are heading toward the gate, JJ wonders if they will be able to find it by themselves. This is a glorious Big Brother dog pile. While I enjoy that as a past time, Vanessa and Rachel’s whole cattiness was so uncalled for, especially since Ralph was actually handling it like a grown-up.

Cue the tears from Bad Rachel in 3…2…1. The lack of sympathy from JJ as he overhears her breaking down manifests itself as a doubled-over laughter at the counter, which just makes her more dramatic. Rachel then rationalizes that it was all Vanessa with her badmouthing her. Ralph tells Vanessa that she made her cry. To which, she callously (possibly accurately) replies, “No, her lack of self-esteem made her cry.” Man, in a matter of minutes, Vanessa went from petty name-calling to borderline bullying, with Rachel more than willing to play the victim, just like she was quick to do on Big Brother.


With all the drama going on, Border Patrol decides to go ahead and just go for it and ask Team Un-Fed about their occupational white lie. After hemming and hawing around the question, they stick to their story that they are teachers even though they don’t seem very convicted in their story anymore. The guys admit that they are just trying to stir the pot to make it more difficult for Team Un-Fed. Dang, like JJ, it’s eating me up about which agency they work for.

We haven’t even gotten to the first challenge on this leg and I am exhausted already. It’s so much drama from a viewer standpoint, that I can only imagine how tiring it was to live through this whole ordeal.

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania, welcomes the teams as they are heading to another airstrip to sign up for a slot on a charter flight. Even though Big Brother gets out first, the divorcees and Border Patrol are right behind them. Ralph tries to put Vanessa in the right frame of mind for this leg by telling her to “focus on them. To heck with the other teams.” I doubt Vanessa will be able to resist such a temptation.

As the teams get to the charter plane sign up, here’s the breakdown: Flight 1 with Border Patrol and Big Brother; Flight 2 with Army of Two and Team Justified; and Flight 3 with Team Un-Fed and Vanessa & Ralph. This distribution makes me sad that I can’t come up with a sufficient team name for Vanessa & Ralph. Maybe they could be Team Anti-Big Brother. Not because they are the opposite of them because they are so against them.

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