Survivor: One World Recap

The Beauty in a Merge

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 2, 2012

I can't believe these people are beating me.

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This pisses Tarzan off, who says he really disrespects what Jonas just did (i.e. try to stay in the game). He says that Jonas isn’t in any danger of going home, so he shouldn’t be throwing Mike under the bus. Jonas replies that “despite [Tarzan’s] brilliant plan, “ they don’t have the numbers to vote out Kat. (Tarzan is not good at math. It is known.)

Tarzan claims Jonas is lying about Kat. Jonas has been undermining him since day one, Tarzan says, and for this reason he is going to go write Jonas’s name down.

Chelsea notes that in Jonas’s defense, a lot more people have had problems with Jonas than Tarzan. Everyone nods in agreement.

Tarzan says it’s true that he may not be as likable as Jonas, but that’s just because he is awkward outside his environment. (Suuuuuure.) Probst asks him what his environment is, and Tarzan answers that he’s only comfortable in a hospital operating room, where he does great. (Suuuuuuure.) He admits that when people don’t agree with his ideas, he gets irritated.


We go to the vote. Based on discussions up to now, it does look like Jonas is gone, but under protest from some. Jonas stays true to his word and votes for Mike. One person joins him. The rest of the tribe writes down Jonas’s name.

Jonas tries to shake Tarzan’s hand and say no hard feelings. “Hard feelings to you,” replies Tarzan. He’s so weird. The chef also parts with some sour grapes toward the rest of the group as he says, “Good luck with that food situation.” Since most everyone liked him, this was kind of petty.

Next week’s preview makes it appear as though we’re going straight back to guys vs. girls, but you know how that goes. People get twitchy after the merge, and this season is no exception. They held strong to their plan today, but people like Troyzan and Jay can make themselves the target if they try to control the game too much.

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