Survivor: One World Recap

The Beauty in a Merge

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 2, 2012

I can't believe these people are beating me.

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Meanwhile, Tarzan had been hoping that the guys would be strong against the women, but quickly realizes that strategy is out the window. Mike and Jay, who were never really thrilled about being part of an alliance with Colton, Tarzan, Jonas and Leif in the first place, are obviously solid with the more beautiful people, including Troyzan, Kim, Chelsea, Sabrina and Kat.

Tarzan tries to get Mike to join forces with him again, and Mike tells him, “Sure, I’ll do that, no problem.” This is a smart approach, because it gets Tarzan to shut up.

Probst sighting!

Today’s reward challenge splits the Survivors into two groups. Winners will get pizza and beer, along with a special note. The first group includes Jay, Alicia, Chelsea, Sabrina, Christina and Troyzan. Group Two is made up of Tarzan, Leif, Kim, Mike, Jonas and Kat.

The challenge requires them to dig under a barrier, and once they get under it, they will crawl under another obstacle and then run to dig up a bag of puzzle pieces. One tribe sends its biggest and strongest member (Jay) while the other tribe sends out their smallest member (Leif). Jay is through the barrier in a flash, and has cleared the way easily for his other tribe members. This allows them to get out to a pretty heavy-duty lead, but then Sabrina gets stuck and then has trouble finding her puzzle bag, allowing the other group to make up time. Mike gets his group even and both “tribes” start working on solving the puzzle at the same time.


On one side, we have Jonas and… Tarzan? What the hell? The other tribe uses Troyzan and Christina for the puzzle portion of the task. And it’s true that Jonas is effectively trying to solve this thing on his own. At one point, he says to Tarzan, “Feel free to start working.”

Even though he’s more or less on his own, Jonas gets his tribe a bit of a lead, but it soon evaporates since Jonas is not only having to try to solve the puzzle, he’s also having to listen to Tarzan justifying his existence. Troyzan and Christina are able to focus and it is this focus that gets them and their temporary tribe the victory.

Troyzan pounds the table and says, “This is my island.” Hmm.

The pizza and beer are consumed, and the group shares the secret note amongst themselves. It reveals that one more Immunity Idol is hidden back at camp. Chelsea immediately notes that they need to keep this secret between just them. She’s worried that someone from the New Manono tribe might find the idol, which she says would be her “biggest nightmare.” Interestingly enough, this might be revealing precisely how she and Kim are planning to play the game.

Back with the losers, Jonas approaches Mike and suggests that they start planning for whom to eject next, and Mike says that he’s surprised that Tarzan didn’t tell him that the guys were six strong plus Alicia (Tarzan is funny, but not funny ha ha). Jonas becomes concerned at this turn of events, particularly because he and Tarzan had supposedly been in an alliance up to this point. Mike says, “You might want to ask him about that later on.”

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