Survivor: One World Recap

The Beauty in a Merge

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 2, 2012

I can't believe these people are beating me.

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Troyzan is obviously super excited about this turn of events, and comments that he wants to stick with his old Salani tribe. Why? We have no idea.

Chelsea reinforces the notion that she plans to stay allied with the New Salani group by discussing strategy with Jay. She’s very focused on picking off the members of Manono one by one rather than considering a girls’ alliance. Honestly, they can even get rid of Christina and the most obnoxious girl in Alicia by taking this course, and at that point, they can shift to a girls’ alliance if they want to. The “New Salani” tribe seems to be a pretty tight bunch, if you exclude Troyzan, who may be playing both sides anyway.

Jay wants to get rid of Jonas, a strong member of the Manono group, and Chelsea is on board. They actually all hate even considering him, because he’s a great cook, a great worker, and he’s actually fun to be around. Getting rid of him obviously comes with some opportunity cost, but the honest evaluation is that he may be the only strong member of Manono. Once he’s gone, they can just kind of evaluate their targets based on who doesn’t win immunity.

After this conversation, Alicia slithers her way over to Kim, who tells her former ally of the plan to eliminate Jonas. Troyzan, on the other hand, doesn’t really think Jonas is the best choice, so he goes to Jonas and tells him his head is on the block. Naturally, this makes Jonas totally freak out. He apologizes to Tarzan, which makes the plastic surgeon cry. Really. Jonas and Tarzan are back together again, and their small group (including Troyzan?) agrees to vote for Kat.


Now it’s time for the nasty, gross portion of the show. Chelsea and some of the other women are boiling some laundry in some water, and Tarzan wants to slip his banana hammock in the mix. Now, not only has this piece of “clothing” been hanging out near his nether region, but it’s also got a dark stain on the back. He swears that the discoloring is not caused by poop, but…just…ew. We don’t want to talk about it anymore. When we say that Tarzan is way weirder than Federal Agent Philip, you’ll understand the intensity of his strangeness.

“Trust me, I know all about microbiology,” Tarzan says. Chelsea replies “I’m going to go puke. I’ll be right back.”

Now, Tarzan’s crazy has helped to put a target on his back. Chelsea argues to take out dead weight rather than eliminate Jonas, who is useful. Jay argues that once you’ve set a plan in place, you should stick with it. If you deviate, all hell can break loose and you may regret your decision. Both of them have a point, really.

At Tribal Council, and Jonas quickly takes his opportunity to point out that people may be thinking too far ahead with regard to their strategy. Sure, you need to think about who you want to be going up against in the final, but right now you have to be more practical. He points out that no one should want to face Mike in Immunity Challenges, and Mike (correctly) points out that he didn’t do that well in the challenge today. Jonas addresses the group and says that he will be voting for Mike tonight.

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