Survivor: One World Recap

The Beauty in a Merge

By Kim Hollis and David Mumpower

April 2, 2012

I can't believe these people are beating me.

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Jonas goes to Tarzan and asks him what the hell he was thinking, telling the least reliable guy on the tribe about their plans. Tarzan says, “No, we need six guys, so I had to go to him.” Jonas (correctly) points out that it’s probable that Mike is playing both sides, so this was a boneheaded thing to do.

This conversation quickly devolves into a war of words, involving mostly a lot of cussing and anger. Tarzan is irrational as hell, but by the same token, Jonas is finally feeling the fallout from having aligned with such unreliable, erratic people as Colton, Tarzan and Alica. Tarzan tells Jonas that he is quitting their alliance and going out on his own.

Mike relishes in the chaos he has just created.

In a confessional aside, Tarzan tells us how much he hates Jonas. Disturbingly, we have to look at him in his filthy banana hammock bathing suit. Seriously, people. You can’t vote this guy out fast enough for our liking. (Though Alicia would be nice, too.)

Troyzan is up very early in the morning – way earlier than everyone else. It seems they all sleep in, but he’s up at the crack of dawn. He decides this is a good opportunity to look for the Immunity Idol. And despite the fact that we’ve been promised these things will be harder to find, it takes him all of five minutes to find it. Like so many others who find these idols, he immediately lets the power go to his head, but we think that was happening anyway. The thing is, he’s not really wrong. Troyzan is in a pretty good position, as the tribal change-up that moved him to Salani helped to extricate him from the Misfits Alliance. He also seems to be generally well liked. On the other hand, people may start perceiving his strengths to be a good reason to vote him out.


Probst Sighting: The Revenge!

With today’s Immunity Challenge, tribal immunity is out the window. Only one person will be immune from the vote this weekend. Survivors must perch on a small log while holding a round disc. They’ll try to balance balls on the disc for specified amounts of time. The last person to remain standing, holding all of their balls, wins the challenge. It’s a windy day, which will add a certain level of difficulty.

Tarzan lasts about 20 seconds. He is really awful at every facet of this game.

When they add a second ball, Christina is knocked out, followed almost immediately by Michael. Chelsea and Kim are the next to be eliminated.

Now, the competitors add a third ball to the mix. Alicia falls right away. Then, Jay loses his balance. We go down to four contestants as Jonas sees his balls fall off (huh huh). Sabrina and Leif are next to go. That leaves us with two people – Troyzan and Kat. Both of them seem pretty steady until Troyzan gets a bit shaky. He regains his composure, though, even if he remains slightly wobbly on his log. All of a sudden, Cat loses her balance, and steps off her log. Troyzan is the now the proud owner of two Immunity necklaces (though one of them is secret).

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