The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 27, 2012

Note: never call any pair of glasses 'lucky'

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Last week saw the welcomed return of elimination and Art & JJ remain unchallenged for frontrunner status, even without a Fast Forward. Oh yeah, we lost cousins Kerri & Stacy (or was it Kerry & Staci?) and they quickly became a faint memory of even being on the show.

Based upon the decent performance last week (save for the gnome curling disaster that was Nary), here are my power rankings:

  • Team Border Patrol Art & JJ - Here’s the revised scoreboard: THREE consecutive first place finishes and they will need a Mayan predicted catastrophe to derail their path to a million dollars. After five legs, these guys haven’t really struggled with any challenge. That may change but I doubt it will be so detrimental that any of the others will capitalize on their errors. As tempting as it is to simply place the remaining teams in a six-way tie for "not first," I’ll give the number two spot to…

  • Army of Two Rachel & Dave - Nothing disastrous unfolded for them last week and they kept their heads about them, even in the face of an unnecessary tour of the wrong castle. Their ability to dislike each other (that’s my assessment) and simultaneously race pretty well keeps them near the top. Dave let Blonde Rachel take the lead on the mustache and beard styling task and she didn’t unpack the ugly side of her that reared its head the previous two legs. With more of that restraint, they should stay in the top three.

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  • Jersey Shore’s Joey & Danny - I have to give credit where credit is due. I judged a book by its cover and was wrong. Are these guys fun-loving, meatheads that fuel the Jersey Shore stereotype? Yes. But they have also been consistently threatening the leader’s standings the last few legs. I mistakenly wrote them off at the beginning of the season and they seem out to disprove my assumption with every leg.

  • Team Un-Fed Nary & Jamie - Nary & Jamie was the only team to stumble last week and it allowed all but one team to pass them up. So far this seems to be an anomaly as they have been decent when not performing Winter Olympic sports with garden decorations. I still think they deserve a slot ahead of...

  • (tie) divorcees Vanessa & Ralph and Big Brother’s Brendon & Rachel - I will put them together just because they hate each other so much. Last week, I jokingly suggested that the divorcees argue more because it seems to work for dating/engaged/married teams this season. They took my suggestion and fought…A LOT. For their furor, they scored a third place pitstop finish but I suspect that my wild theory will be enough. In the same vein (you know the one that bulges in your forehead whenever Bad Rachel has one of her "reality TV-ready" breakdowns), Big Brother didn’t fight much this week but Rachel again had a faux meltdown. Their own proclivity wanting to wave the white flag should prevent them from making it far. I question the long-term prospects of either of these teams as I am now picking my initial winner to barely outlast…

  • Bopper & Mark - I like Team Justified and have found myself overlooking the fellas’ extremely thick southern accent to root for them. Despite the very caring motivation of paying for medicine and treatment for Bopper’s daughter, I simply think that they won’t survive elimination again. In fact, I think they may get a chance to prove their mettle by overcoming another Speed Bump, when they aren’t eliminated during the next nonelimination round, which I predict will be this or next week.

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