The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

The Amazing Race Season 20 Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 27, 2012

Note: never call any pair of glasses 'lucky'

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At the airport, Border Patrol gets the same story as Big Brother that the 6:20 flight is the earliest and ALL the teams are on the same plane.

How does a taxi cab scramble sound? Good, I hope, because that is what we get leaving the Baku airport. The rush from the airport turns out to be for a primo spot in the dancing circle going on at the temple, which doesn’t open until sunrise. The lightheartedness and overall fun atmosphere is one of the few occasions we get to see the teams not competing but just enjoying the culture around them. It’s quite refreshing. The one that surprises me the most is how eager Army Dave is to just dance away the early morning hours.

At sunrise, the temple is open and the teams get their clues. In the clue are a route marker and a Fast Forward. For the first time in a long time, we may see more than one team battling it out for the Fast Forward. The task involves located a hay market and they have to unload 150 bales of hay and then stack them 10 bales long, three bales wide and five bales high. Army of Two and Jersey Shore are the only two to take the Fast Forward bait and given how strong the guys are, Joey & Danny may be getting that first place finish this leg.

For those not trying the Fast Forward, they have to go to a place called Occupational Training International.


At the Fast Forward, Blonde Rachel is being supportive in her stacking method, while Dave unloads, that is until Dave starts to drop them *this* close to her head. Surprisingly, though, both of them adjust what they are doing that is wrong and keep their cool. Whereas, Danny is just kinda winging it on his stack but seems to be making more progress.

Back in the cabs, we get the return of Mark’s motion sickness with several shots of Mark’s face buried in a barf bag. Worst…road trip companion…ever. Unless you count Bad Rachel. There has been nothing specific on this leg but the idea of a being locked a car with her was one the circles of hell that Dante’s publisher probably edited out.

As Dave continues to just toss hay off the truck, Rachel’s frustration begins to mount. As much as I have been on his side for their breakdowns, I think she is justified in his over-the-top hay tossing. Despite this, neither team is showing signs of backing down, even though one of them will not be getting the Fast Forward and potentially be eliminated. This is one of those situations where you just gamble with it and do your best.

Meanwhile at the other clue, all the teams are searching the grounds but Team Justified is the first to find the Roadblock clue – What does down, must come up. To simulate the required rescue training procedure for offshore drilling workers, the chosen team mate has to enter a model of the interior of a helicopter. It’s then submerged in a tank of water and turned. The person has to exit the enclosed space swim up to the water surface and a raft with their next clue.

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