Survivor: One World Recap

One Beach, Two Tribes

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

February 21, 2012

My lawyer's gonna get so much money from Survivor.

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After a time, Probst calls for the medical staff to evaluate her and the doctor states the obvious. Kourtney cannot continue. He gives the men two options. The first is that they can take a disqualification from the women and end the challenge right here. The second is that they can prove that they are capable of holding onto a big lead by completing the competition. They choose the former, which is the only logical decision. The women, who are feeling a bit guilty for being so harsh with Courtney (one woman callously said, “So what? She’s bleeding!” and pointed to another teammate), take this as an act of war. They would have done the same thing, but it’s an emotional moment where everyone is too dialed up to be rational.

We return to play It’s Anyone But Kourtney…but it’s going to be Kourtney. Unless Survivor forces an elimination on top of the medical injury, she is the obvious choice. We have watched enough sports to recognize a serious injury when we see it. This is a season ender, one of the three most serious in the history of the show after Mike with the fire and Jonathan during his second appearance. Mike’s is still the most serious but in terms of physical pain, Kourtney is a close second.


Tribal Council is a surreal experience. Alicia has decided that everything bad that has happened to her in life is Christina’s fault. Since they have known each for three days, this strikes us as an overreaction. Alicia intends to shout Christina down and thereby establish her power. The stated subject matter is the fire/frond negotiations. Alicia keeps interrupting Christina then gets offended when Christina reciprocates. Eventually, Christina drops all attempts at diplomacy, bellowing: “BECAUSE YOU’RE WRONG! OKAY SO SHUT UP!” Alicia plays the victim at this point. Neither player comes across well and we are certain this will not be the last of these fights until one (or possibly both) of them is gone.

Eventually, Probst delivers the expected news that Kourtney is out of the competition. She will be needing wrist surgery. Ambulance chasers looking to milk CBS’s deep pockets, the time is now. Overall, this season appears to be chock full of explosive personalities and big egos. It is also one of the hottest casts thus far, meaning there could be hookups and love triangles as well. Then again, 42 minutes of Matt and Alicia is already 42 minutes too long. Unless both tribes join together to exterminate them, there are going to be some insufferable moments ahead. But at least there is no Hantz and no Coach.

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