Survivor: One World Recap

One Beach, Two Tribes

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

February 21, 2012

My lawyer's gonna get so much money from Survivor.

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Accurate or not, the women are edited to have much more trouble taking their items to the new camp. Alicia, who certainly looooooves to be on camera, states that the “stronger girls” are Kim, “myself” and Chelsea. Then, she adds Sabrina as impressive before stating that “Kitty Kat” (a woman named Kat) was irritating her. She states that the five person winning alliance has already been formed. From the way she acts, there must have been some ceremony wherein Alicia was named Queen of Survivor.
The surprise element of the season is revealed when both tribes arrive at the same camp. Everyone gets possessive about property and ownership. After a brief period, all Survivors realize that four chickens are at the camp. One of the men states that the two parties should work together to capture the chicken then split the reward. A southern girl named Chelsea somehow manages to grab two of them. One of the men asks which one she would like to keep for her tribe. At this point, Chelsea remembers the stolen axe and states that the women need to huddle up to determine how to proceed.

At this point, we find out more about the man who is self-appointed chicken negotiator. He is an attorney named Matt and he seems like a psycho. His fractured logic is that because the women broke the original agreement, they have to give him the chicken as an apology and then the parties may proceed from there. It is possible that there is some sequence on the editing room floor that explains his point of view better but it is more likely he is a nutjob. The other men push him away from the women before his diplomatic skills do further harm. His final statement on the matter is: “She’ll come to her senses when she quits playing hero and she’ll come give us a chicken.” Yup. Nutjob.

The next interaction between the two tribes is centered around Colton, the gay guy from Alabama. He goes out of his way to hug/befriend all of the women at camp. His belief is that he can become the most popular member of the women’s tribe while staying beneath the radar of the other men. His stated belief is that the men will underestimate him and that this will allow him to proceed far into the game.


Matt takes this opportunity to tell Colton he needs to be less friendly with the women if he wants to be popular with the men. Colton, presumably the recipient of many swirlys and purple nurples from guys like Matt, bristles at the notion and states an intention to get the arrogant attorney voted off the show. The Revenge of the Nerds remake script writes itself.

Mirroring Alicia on Salani, Matt forms a strong players alliance with Jay, Bill and Michael. These men seem to think that Survivor is a match-up of shirts vs. skins this season, as most of the alpha males walk around topless most of the episode. Why didn’t Sugar ever do this? Anyway, the philosophy is that the young, fit guys with six packs will be the dominant alliance. Matt states that he is sitting pretty for the entire season. Bad news, Matt. Nobody who has ever made an assertion like this has ever pulled it off. Even Boston Rob had to learn humility before he became a dominant player.

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