Survivor: One World Recap

One Beach, Two Tribes

By David Mumpower and Kim Hollis

February 21, 2012

My lawyer's gonna get so much money from Survivor.

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While Alicia is begging for a beating, Sabrina is being productive. She notices an area she believes is the likely hiding place for the Immunity Idol. Remember a couple of seasons ago when Survivor’s producers claimed that these would be much harder to find? That never happened. They are discovered as often as the prize in a box of Cracker Jacks. The downside is that this is an idol for the Manono Tribe. Alicia cannot use it for herself. Instead, she must choose one of the dudes and give him the idol before the next Tribal Council. That’s an interesting variation of the standard rules.

Colton happens to visit the tribe soon afterward (he seems to be there a lot). He needs a partner to search the island for idols since he recognizes Matt wants him gone. At this point, Sabrina decisively hands him the idol. Colton cannot believe his good fortune. He had anticipated spending hours if not days searching for it. Instead, all he had to do was ask. What Sabrina gains from this remains to be seen.

Probst sighting!

The first immunity challenge of the season is poorly designed. We say this because it ends in tears. Contestants are expected to jump from a 25 foot tower to the netting below. Then, they must navigate a balance beam followed by a rope bridge. Finally, they are asked to solve a puzzle. We don’t see a lot of this, however, because the netting under the tower is too tight.


Asking untrained people to jump from heights is always a risky strategy, which is exactly why Hollywood employs stunt people. The very first contestant to jump, Bill, loses his shoe in the process. It’s an awkward action to make a controlled fall. A lot of people simply cannot do it. Kourtney is such a person. When she jumps, she instinctively attempts to use her hands to cushion the fall. What we learn is that taut rope netting is no different than hitting the ground. Kourtney destroys her wrist.

At first, the other contestants believe that she is being overly dramatic. We can tell from the replays and the basic camera shots that she has broken several bones. She has also suffered a dislocation of those broken bones. In fact, the only way in which Kourtney is lucky is that this is not a compound fracture. Situations such as this are the ones when a bone breaks the surface of the skin and juts out. It is a sickening, serious injury. Kourtney must have tremendous courage to make her way to the next phase of the challenge afterward. We have seen professional athletes black out from injuries like this.

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