Survivor: South Pacific

Then There Were Five

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 18, 2011

Hitch your wagon to a non-douchebag next time, honey.

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Now, there are two schools of thought on this one. My thought is that Albert has sealed his own fate in the game here. Everyone can see that Brandon is toast and Albert just went back on his word from five minutes ago that he would give up the necklace. The other (wrong) school of thought is that Albert just made Coach out to look like a horrible villain here, if he votes out Brandon. I think Coach is in a really bad spot here. On one side, he's got Brandon (and now Albert) making him out to look like a complete monster if he doesn't completely alter his game (potentially costing him a million dollars) and keep Brandon. Not to mention, this is his third and final time playing. After all the time, blood, sweat and tears he's put into this game...should he really be expected to throw it all away (in his mind) by keeping a guy because he doesn't have any friends in his real life? Also, what happens if he does dump Sophie? He loses a vote, that's for sure. Not to mention, he'll be putting a very eloquent woman on the jury who just might make it her mission in life to see that he DOESN'T win this game.

Jeff asks Coach about his involvement here. He says that he prayed about this vote and that he is at complete peace with what he has to do. Brandon has the last word by saying that Coach will do what God wants him to do and if that's voting him out, he feels Coach will vote him out.


And with that, it's time to vote. We see four of the five votes. Brandon and Albert vote for Sophie. Sophie and Rick vote for Brandon, "Dumb move." Coach's vote is kept secret, but I think we all know who it is. Jeff reads the votes and the 13th person voted out of Survivor: South Pacific...Brandon. As he heads out, Coach pulls him in for a hug and tells him that it's God's will for him to go to win Redemption. The jury is stunned at this development. Before they go, Jeff tells them that they will witness the final Redemption Island duel. The winner of the next duel will re-enter this game and duke it out to the end.

Next time on Survivor: the season finale is this Sunday. Will Ozzy continue his quest for Redemption? And if so, does he get voted out a third time? Can Brandon win his way back in and throw a monkey wrench in everyone's plans? Will we have another Survivor proposal during the live reunion? Come on back Sunday night to find out! Til then, take care!

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