Survivor: South Pacific

Then There Were Five

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 18, 2011

Hitch your wagon to a non-douchebag next time, honey.

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Real quick, I have to say...I'm sick to death of the religion/God stuff going on on this show. It got a smidge annoying with Matt Elrod last season, but it's gone completely to 11 now and it is seriously cutting down on my enjoyment of the show. Mark Burnett, Jeff Probst...please hear my plea. Stop this shit now. I'm not a religious person at all and even I am annoyed at how these idiots keep justifying all of their lies and deceit as God's will. I think it's amazing that when they pray for God to guide them, He always tells them exactly what they want to hear. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try your best to cast this out of the show. Oh yeah...and get rid of Redemption Island while you're at it. By the power of Tebow...please make it happen.

We begin Tribal tonight with Jeff asking Brandon how nice it is to have immunity. "I want to give my immunity necklace up." Everyone in the room is shocked. Brandon gets up and gives the necklace to Albert. Now THAT'S how you start a Tribal Council. Brandon says that he has maintained that he would stay true to his word and that he's started something and he plans to finish it. Coach tells everyone that Brandon was going to vote for Albert, but he prayed about it and he decided that he needed to protect Albert. Brandon explains to everyone that he used to be in the "gang scene". He says that he was always loyal to his friends and that when he asked for the same loyalty in return, his friends were never there for him. He feels that his friends in this game WILL be there for him. As Jeff suggests to him that these guys could be screwing him over as well. Brandon says he feels that Albert and Coach are his best friends right now and that their bond is real.


Albert explains that his feelings in this game have changed and that his bond with Brandon is that tight. So, Jeff puts him on the spot and asks him whether or not he'll return the necklace if he thinks Brandon is in trouble tonight. Albert says that he would. When asked, Sophie says she doesn't know what to believe from Albert anymore. She says that he's been sneaky and she will not rely on faith in Albert from day one.

Jeff finally turns to Rick. He says everything was great and now one of them is going home. As he's talking, he mentions that Coach has the idol. Coach does admit he'll play it if he thinks he's in trouble. Rick then mentions that he is really interested to see if Albert would give the necklace back if Brandon was in trouble. Brandon admits that he feels now that it might be his time to go. Jeff turns to Albert and asks him if he feels he has an obligation to give the necklace back. Albert says that Brandon should feel secure enough in him and Coach that he can make a move like this. Therefore, he's not giving the necklace back.

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