Survivor: South Pacific

Then There Were Five

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 18, 2011

Hitch your wagon to a non-douchebag next time, honey.

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As the challenge starts, Brandon and Rick take off. Coach and Sophie are a little behind and Albert is way behind. As the challenge progresses, Brandon is ahead of everyone at the fourth and fifth bags, but Rick takes the lead after the fifth bag. Brandon and Rick are neck and neck as they start to get their puzzle pieces out. Rick, Brandon and Coach start working on the puzzle about the same time, with Albert and Sophie lagging behind. Brandon and Coach set themselves apart on the puzzle and are dead even. Brandon takes a slight lead and starts up the wall with his three tiles. As coach makes his way up the wall, Brandon enters the right code and wins immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final four. Before they head back to camp, Jeff tells Brandon that he can invite one other person to have some pizza. He chooses Moustache to share pizza. Jeff mentions that they will NOT be allowed to share with anyone else. As they head back, Coach tells us that it must not be Brandon's time to go, but he's pissed about it.

We come back to camp as a pizza guy on a jet ski arrives at the beach with Brandon and Rick's reward. Sophie tells us that Brandon screwed up the plan today and that it's Albert's time to go. Coach is on board with this, so I guess it's time to play "it's anyone but Albert." Sophie wants to go "smell the pizza"...but it's really a chance for her to tell Brandon and Rick that Albert's next to go. Brandon tells us that he doesn't feel like he can believe Albert anymore. So he goes to Albert and asks him if he promised the final three to Rick. Albert looks him dead in the face and tells him that he never promised Rick to the finals. So Brandon goes and gets Rick and Rick confirms what we all saw. Albert DID promise the finals to Rick and Brandon wasn't in that group. And the fight ensues. Moustache is pissed at being called a liar. You can tell that he doesn't like that label a bit. Sophie tells us that she's thrilled to see Albert's true colors coming out in front of everyone. Albert tells us that he has a ton of damage control to do before tonight's vote.


The next thing we see is Albert trying to get Brandon back on board. He tells Brandon that he has no desire to go to the end with Rick. Brandon tells us that he Albert is his friend and that he feels he should forgive. And just like that, Brandon is back on board. He tells us that he feels that Albert deserves to be there and if he has to, he'll give Albert his immunity necklace. He knows Albert and Coach will not vote for him.

The next talk is Brandon going to see Coach. He tells Coach that God has spoken to him and that Albert should stay. He tells Coach that he will give Albert the necklace if he has to. He says that he knows Coach would never write his name down and that this will be their chance to show what they're all out there for. He basically plays the "God wants us to do this" card. Coach corrects him that this is what God wants HIM to do. He says he's going to pray about it and will do whatever God tells him to do. Brandon accepts this and coach goes to pray. A name kept coming into Coach's head and that's who he's going with tonight.

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