Survivor: South Pacific

Then There Were Five

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

December 18, 2011

Hitch your wagon to a non-douchebag next time, honey.

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Moustache - 30-1. If the final three works out right, I could see Rick being the "I can't stand these other two guys, I'll give the money to the moustache" vote. I don't see Rick making it to the end, but if he does, he could get some votes.

Brandon - 100-1. I don't see Brandon having a chance in hell of winning this game. While he has played a mostly honest game, he's also played a stupid game as well as a...well..."loco" game. He's a loose cannon, borderline stalkerish and he pops off anytime he feels like it. I can't imagine a jury rewarding that with $1 million.

Edna - 1 million-1. I don't care what the previews show. Edna ain't beating Ozzy. And even if she does, she ain't winning this game.


The show begins as the final five come back to camp. There's definitely a feeling of accomplishment and relief. They all get a few minutes to enjoy the feeling and, of course, pray. Coach tells us that the real game begins now and that all alliances are out the window. Talk comes around to what to do with Ozzy if he gets back in. Albert tells Sophie they'll have to do everything they can to not let him win immunity. After she walks away, he tells us that she has no idea she's next. Uh oh...

We come back from the break as the tribe starts to position itself for the endgame. Albert tells us that Coach and Sophie are his main alliance, but that Sophie is getting to be way too dangerous. He doesn't want to sit next to her at the end. Albert goes to Moustache right off the bat to confirm that they're still going to the end. Rick agrees. Albert tells us that Rick is the best person to sit next to at the end. He feels that he could beat Rick and the cult-leader, Coach at the end. And with that...

It's time for the Redemption Island duel. While they get set up, I'd like to mention that the longer it goes on, the more I hate Redemption Island and the more I miss Reward Challenges. Anyway, today's begins with a slide puzzle. They must work an axe out of the slide puzzle. Once they do that, they take the axe and cut a rope. This will drop a box of puzzle cubes. The cubes have random different colored sides. It's basically a cross between Rubik's Cube and Sudoku. You have to stack the four cubes so that on all four sides, there's one of each color with no duplicates. Ozzy blows through the slide puzzle and gets his cubes. With help from the rest of the tribe, Edna finally gets her axe and her cubes. This is actually a really tough puzzle and despite the early lead, Ozzy and Edna are pretty well even. Not to mention, Edna has the entire Upolu tribe helping her with the puzzle. After a whole bunch of changing, Edna thinks she has it...nope, two red sides on the same side. And, as expected, Ozzy plays the tortoise to Edna's hare and wins yet another Redemption Island duel. And with that, Edna gets nominated as "juror most likely to have the bitterest speech at final Tribal."

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