Survivor: South Pacific

Running the Show

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 17, 2011

Jim is absolutely destroying Keith at strip poker.

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Hello, good people. So, I told David and Kim that I felt safe enough to not participate in this recap and that I would prefer a 12 pack of donuts and some iced coffee. As you can see, I'm writing a recap right now guessed donuts! They're slave drivers, I tell ya. Slave drivers!!!

But enough about me...let's talk Survivor: South Pacific. Last week was a busy busy week. Savaii was steamed, so Cochran got reamed. Jim won the game so they wrote down Ozzy's name. The Upolus chose to eat, and Jim lost his seat. Coach seems to be in control, Dawn and Whitney should be next to go. The game belongs to the Upolu six; I just wish they'd stop being...jerks.

Tonight's episode looks to feature two players going home and two more players getting voted out. The way they're showing things, you have to think Ozzy wins on Redemption and the two Savaii girls will be his next two opponents. But Albert has something up his sleeve, after the Power Rankings, we'll see what it is.


Power Rankings:

Coach - 4-1. I have to leave Coach where he is. Despite the suggested dissention in the ranks, everyone keeps marching to Coach's tune. And as Jim so cleverly laid out in the sand last week, he has the numbers to make it all the way. If Albert and Sophie don't make a move soon, their best bet will be to sit with him in the Final 3.

Albert/Sophie - 8-1. That being said, the power duo of Albert and Sophie are still pretty strong in this game. And they're both very smart. As it is now, there are nine people still in the game. This is the time to make a move. Previews hint that they will...let's see how that plays out.

Rick/Edna/Brandon - 15-1. I've moved Brandon up with Rick and Edna because they all seem to be riding Coach's coattails here and could very easily make up his Final Four. These folks could actually band together and make something happen...but much like the chucklenut brigade that played with Rob last season, I don't see any of them stepping out of Coach's shadow and taking the step out onto that limb.

Dawn - 20-1. If there were someone most likely to win immunity and completely screw up the Upolu plan, it's Dawn. She's also very nice and everyone seems to love her. So she'll definitely hang out longer than Whitney. In fact, I wouldn't be completely surprised to see her become a large part of Albert's plan to take over the game. I just wonder if it'll be too little too late.

Cochran - 40-1. Should Dawn win immunity, you have to think Cochran's the vote. Either way, though, Cochran still can't win this game. He might make it far, even to the end. But there's no way he'll ever win. I should put him lower, but considering that there are three people with one foot out the door, I have to put him up here.

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