Survivor: South Pacific

Running the Show

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 17, 2011

Jim is absolutely destroying Keith at strip poker.

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We come back from break as everyone congratulates Sophie on an amazing job at the challenge. Cochran sits down with Coach to confirm that Dawn and Whitney are next. Coach feels that Dawn will win the game if she makes it to the end. Cochran tells us that he's concerned that the twist at Tribal will be a second immunity challenge and vote right there. And if either Dawn or Whitney is left and wins, will he be the next choice. Dawn and Whitney are discussing what plans they could possibly have. They decide that Albert is the one to approach. So they go to him and suggest that Coach will take Edna and Sophie to the end. They tell him that they have two votes to offer to someone who wants to change the game.

Albert tells us that he has an idea of getting Edna out for a couple reasons. He wants to reward Cochran for making the move to join them and he'd like to curry favor with the Savaii ladies in hopes that he can earn three jury votes with this one move, while only losing Edna, who wouldn't vote for him anyway. He tells Whitney that Edna is one that needs to go, the way she follows Coach around and that she brings nothing to the table. With Cochran and Dawn, they need to find one more vote. Meanwhile, Brandon mentions to Coach that he thought they weren't supposed to making themselves available to the Savaii members.


We join a chess match between Cochran and Albert. Albert tells Cochran that he's sitting seventh right now. Cochran is a little miffed that they would think Edna is more important to them than he is, the guy who saved all their asses. Albert tells him of the Edna plan and they go out to find Sophie. Albert lays down the plan. He gets Sophie to admit that Edna has the most allegiance to Coach. Sophie tells us this could be their one shot to make a move because of the two free votes out there. She says that Albert is trying to take control and she's the swing vote. She is trying to decide what will likely take her to the end. Coach, however, is onto Albert. He sees him talking to everyone. He can't decide whether Albert's trying to garner votes or make a move. He tells us that there are three ways to motivate people, coddling, reaffirming and fear. He has chosen to be like the old mob boss (or Boston Rob) and threaten "death" to anyone that goes against the family.

We get to Tribal and Jeff starts off with Dawn asking her what the plan was back at camp. She says it's time for the Upolus to think about using them, suggesting that the people at the bottom of the pole for Upolu should join them. Whitney says that other than Cochran going seventh, she doesn't know who's on the bottom. Cochran is aware of his situation, but he has some things in place and when he gets to the seven, he should be able to maneuver. Jeff asks him, as an avid fan of Survivor, has he really not thought past the seven? He says that he has and he hopes to be on the right side of a fracture. He also says that this is the perfect time to make a big move, with two votes on the line. Dawn tries again to offer her loyalty to whoever would like to go with her (Albert).

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