Survivor: South Pacific

Running the Show

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

November 17, 2011

Jim is absolutely destroying Keith at strip poker.

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We come back from break to Ozzy loving life on Redemption Island. He's fishing and exploring and telling us all about how this is the way to go. While he's eating lots of fish and resting and getting ready for his duels, the rest of the players are worried about the game and the other players. He's pretty sure Redemption is the perfect place for him. As we leave him, we're treated to a fantastic shot of him standing on the very top of a palm tree and looking out over his kingdom. He tells us that anyone coming through Redemption is going to be in trouble.

We check in with Te Tuna as Rick is pulling up an empty fishing net. As Ozzy had mentioned, there's not a lot of eating going on at Te Tuna. We join a conversation between Dawn and Cochran where Dawn is lamenting the fact that she did not "out" Cochran's plan to flip when she had the chance. She feels she hurt her own game by doing so and is hoping he'll return the favor. He admits to her, and to us, that he's considering flipping back to that side of things. He's concerned that the promises he's received to get past the final seven may not be solid. Plus he thinks that if he can save Dawn and Whitney, maybe they could be jury votes in the end. And with that...


Probst sighting!! Today's challenge will see the players with a bowl of rice balanced on their head. They'll have to cross two teeter totters and then dump the rice into a basket. If they drop the bowl or touch the bowl, they have to go back to the beginning. First one to fill their basket wins. To assist in the challenge, each person is given a bean bag to put on their head to help them balance a little better. Once again, this seems like a challenge tailor made for the women. And Brandon, it would seem. Dawn, Brandon and Sophie are neck and neck when they dump their first bowls. Everyone else is having a rough time with this.

Cochran is especially inept. Whitney, as she has shown with every challenge, is okay at it, but painfully slow. Coach finally dumps a bowl of rice and Whitney finally gets past the teeter totters only to lose her bowl right before dumping it. In the meantime, this has really become a three horse race between Dawn, Sophie and Brandon as all of them have two bowls in and are heading back with their third bowls. Sophie has filled her bowl to overflowing in hopes that she'll have enough to win. Brandon and Dawn both get there first, but they don't have enough to win, they each need one more bowl. Sophie slowly makes her way there and when she dumps, the flag raises and Sophie wins immunity! Before they head out, Jeff announces there will be a twist at tonight's Tribal Council. Dawn tells us she and Whitney are in big trouble, but she's holding out hope that the twist may help her somehow.

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