Survivor: South Pacific

I Need Redemption

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

September 19, 2011

Yeah, I got voted off but Ozzy thought I was hot. That's how Amanda Kimmel got (somewhat) famous.

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We come back from break to Coach giving a rousing victory speech. Of course, as he's talking, all anyone is thinking about is finding that idol clue. As the tribe splits up to search, Stacey is telling us how important it is to find. As she's digging around, she tells us that he needs to look in the trees and in the holes in the trees and that it's probably somewhere right in the open and she may have already gone right past it. As she tells us that, the camera zooms into a hole in a tree that she just removed her hand from. Yep...there's a clue in there. D'OH!

And now it's time to play "It's anyone but Semhar." Right off the bat, Semhar tells them that she feels horrible about losing but she didn't appreciate what Jim was doing behind her back in front of everyone. She doesn't like that he kicked her when she was down. He apologizes to her, though not very genuinely. She tells us that it might have been a bad idea to go off on Jim like that. We join Dawn and Papa Bear as he tells her that he will not write her name down. As the day goes on, it becomes obvious that Dawn will be safe. Papa Bear fells that Semhar should be the one to go. Dawn is happy as a clam to jump on board with that. As Ozzy hangs out in the water, he tries to convince them that Semhar might not be the vote. He says that Dawn did real well and that Cochran is the one they may need to get rid of. Ozzy tells us that despite losing the challenge, she should get some credit for stepping up. Jim tells us that he's concerned that Ozzy is fighting so hard to keep her. He says that if Ozzy wants her around so bad, it might be a good reason to get rid of her. Ozzy goes to Semhar and tells her that he'd like her to stay and that Cochran could be the vote, but she's gonna have to do some politicking if she wants to stay.


So she starts working everyone in camp and they all give her the affirmative that she won't be leaving. Jim, on the other hand, goes to Cochran and Papa Bear and blows Ozzy's plan. So with Dawn, Jim and Papa Bear in the mix, Cochran is still one vote shy. He tells us that he's very paranoid and very upset that he could possibly be going home first. Papa Bear does what he can to talk Cochran off the ledge, but he's in a bad place now. As they head to Tribal, Cochran is positive he's on his way out and he's completely bummed about it.

The group arrives at Tribal Council, lights their torches and sits down. Dawn admits that the thought of being alone at Redemption Island is not a good thought. She admits that she had a rough go of it over the first couple days, but she hopes the tribe will look at her now as opposed to then. Elise, she's the Indian, admits that Semhar could be in trouble because of the challenge and the explosion at camp. Jeff asks Jim what happened. He says that he hates losing and that she stepped up to do the challenge and blew it. Whitney even admits that she stepped back from the challenge because Semhar sounded so confident. Semhar feels that she should get some credit for taking on the role as opposed to someone who never takes on the role. Ozzy says that someone like that is someone you want on your team.

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