Survivor: South Pacific

I Need Redemption

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

September 19, 2011

Yeah, I got voted off but Ozzy thought I was hot. That's how Amanda Kimmel got (somewhat) famous.

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Probst sighting! And here we have our first immunity challenge of the season. It's a massive obstacle course-y game. Both tribes will race through a zig zagging pathway on the ground. Once everyone is through, they'll run through a web of coconuts. Then they have to get all tribe members over a 10 foot wall. Once over, one tribe member will dig up a machete and cut through a bunch of ropes to release a bunch of coconuts. Then three people will use those coconuts to shoot baskets. Once enough coconuts are in the basket, their flag will raise. First tribe to raise their flag wins.

In a rare scene, we see each tribe strategizing for this first challenge. Coach is outlining what they'll need to do to get people over the wall. And Ozzy is talking about shooting baskets. Keith, at 6'5", says he'll shoot. Semhar also steps up and says that she'd be good to go on that as well. And with that, we begin.

The tribes take off and it's a mish mosh through the zigzagging maze. Upolu makes it first and blows through the coconuts. They're first to hit the wall as well. Baseball Coach (his name is Albert) is quick up the wall. As Cochran has some trouble with the wall, Albert just pulls Brandon from the ground to the top of the wall. Upolu has opened a nice lead now as Rick digs for the machete. Savaii finally gets over and Ozzy begins the machete dig. Rick is digging forever but finally gets to it. And Ozzy has his machete as well. Rick makes quick work of the ropes and releases the coconuts. Then Ozzy releases his coconuts (that sounds dirty.)


Brandon, Mikayla and Albert are shooting for Upolu. Keith, Semhar and Ozzy are shooting for Savaii. Semhar has not made a basket yet, as Upolu closes in on winning. (Wow, that strategy conversation seemed so extraneous at the time.) Keith and Ozzy are keeping Savaii in the challenge, but Mikayla is just not missing. And with that, Upolu wins the first immunity challenge. To run a little salt in the wound, Jeff lets Savaii know that they were one coconut away from winning. When you factor in that Semhar missed at least 12-15 shots, that is an unforgivable performance in an immunity challenge. Of course, she's hot, so she still has a chance to stick around.

As Jeff is congratulating them all on the closest challenge ever, he hands over the idol to Coach and tosses flint to Brandon. He then tells them that hidden back at their camp is a clue to the whereabouts of a hidden idol. So, find the clue and then try to find the idol. As Upolu leaves, Jeff asks Semhar how she's feeling about the challenge. She says she feels "sorta bad." As she says that, Jim is rolling his eyes like crazy behind her. When Jeff calls him on it, he says that he feels "sorta bad" when he runs out of milk. He feels like crap right now that they have to vote someone out. Jim tells us how pissed he is that she was adamant about shooting the baskets and then was terrible at it. He says there's no reason to keep her.

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