Survivor: South Pacific

I Need Redemption

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

September 19, 2011

Yeah, I got voted off but Ozzy thought I was hot. That's how Amanda Kimmel got (somewhat) famous.

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We come back from break as the tribes reach their beaches. First up is Savaii. They enter camp as winners often do, cheering and clapping. Everyone is looking to Ozzy to help set up camp. Never mind that setting up camp was never his strong suit, but honey badger don't care. Everyone gathers 'round to talk about what they do. Cochran is a Harvard Law student. Whitney is a Nashville songwriter and Semhar is a spoken word poet. She's also attractive. So naturally, Ozzy wants her on his team. In his first decision as "leader," Ozzy decides that they should shuck off work and just go swimming. Poor Cochran is not a fan of this idea. He doesn't like how he looks in his underwear, so he's not looking forward to everyone seeing him mostly naked. As all the girls strip down, Cochran finally joins in.

Over at Upolu, the mood is much different. Coach is busy trying to figure out how he'll fit into this game. As Coach tries to work his way into their good graces, they discuss what they do for a living. Rick is a rancher. Random dude is a baseball coach. Sophie is a Russian major...and naturally, Coach speaks Russian. While she's annoyed by his arrogance, she admits that after two times, they probably should listen to his advice for building a shelter. And right away, the tribe gets to putting a shelter together Coach is helping with the construction. He's showing them roots to eat. He's being about as much of a team player as he could possibly be. Christine (the "temporary player" chick) walks away to look for a hidden idol. Lucky for her, only her ENTIRE TRIBE sees her looking for it. Coach sees this and thinks she may be someone who's working her way out of favor.


Back at summer camp, the Savaii tribe is still getting to know each other while they hang out in the ocean. Jim, who sells medical marijuana, appears to be this season's horndog as he can only seem to comment on how hot the chicks are. He tells his tribe that he's a teacher, but he's really a professional poker player and he owns a couple medical marijuana shops. Talk of marriage comes up and Mark, a retired NYC Cop, announces that he's gay. He goes on to say that he's a "bear." And right then, Papa Bear was born. After swimming and bonding, they finally decide to go work on a fire and shelter building. Dawn, the resident worrier, is concerned that there is no shelter. You can see it on her face, she's about to melt down. Ozzy tells them all that since the weather is nice, sleeping on the ground won't be too bad. Needless to say, that freaks Dawn out even more. For a guy who was so warmly welcomed into his tribe, I don't think it's gonna take Ozzy long to annoy the crap out of the rest. I mean, he's done this before. Twice. Of course, he's okay with sleeping on the beach. These people are brand new at this. The least you could do, as a returning player, is share some knowledge and help them build a nice camp.

Back at Upolu, Coach is noticing Brandon's tattoos. That has him worried. As he and Coach keep talking, Coach mentions Mikayla (the lingerie football player). Brandon has obviously noticed her. She tells us how she has no problem getting her hands dirty and doing some of the hard work. As she's climbing on top of the shelter arranging palm fronds, Brandon is keeping a close eye on her. He tells us about how religious he is and how she makes him uncomfortable. He says she's flaunting herself off. As he's telling us about being a married gentleman and how he needs to keep away from her. Mix this in with shots of him looking like creepy stalker guy and I'm totally freaked out now. First off, get over yourself, dude. Look at her. Now look at you. You don't have to worry about her getting too close to you.

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