Survivor: Redemption Island

Seems Like a No Brainer, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 18, 2011

They've won over $2.2 million by playing Survivor.

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Ralph comes up next. His first comment is for Natalie. He wants to know why she can't seem to make a decision or even answer any of these questions without looking to Rob for help. She says that she and Rob have a good relationship. Ralph then asks her why she never talked to him. She said that was on purpose. The tribe saw what happened to Matt when he wasn't loyal to the tribe and she didn't want there to be any misconception. He then looks to Phillip in hopes that he would have a whole chicken on his head. Phillip says those were the only feathers he found, so they're the only ones he's wearing. Ralph then asks Phillip if he liked him. Phillip says that yes he did and that of everyone on his tribe, he respected his work ethic, he thinks Ralph was funny and he feels that if they had been on the same tribe they'd have gotten along quite well. Ralph says thanks and ignores Rob. Hmmmm...

Rob 3, Phillip 1, Natalie 0.


Next up is Matt. He has one question for Rob. He calls him manipulative and a liar. He wants to know when the line is drawn after all this time spent on Survivor. Rob says the line is drawn as soon as he's back in his real life. But inside the game of Survivor, he'll do whatever is necessary to win. He says that at one point or another, everyone thought they had an alliance to the end with him. It might sound harsh, but that's how he feels. Matt tells him that all those people he betrayed are having a hard time figuring out who he is. He ignores Natalie and Phillip. Which means, he's voting for Rob but wanted to have his say. Or he already plans to vote for someone else. Personally, I think it's a vote for Rob.

Rob 4, Phillip 1, Natalie 0.

Julie is up next. She tells them they should all be sitting there humble because none of them played the game honorably. What they should have done was throw challenges and bury people's clothes in the sand. That's WAY more honorable than having a six-person alliance all the way to the end. She goes on a rant about how Natalie's mother won't be proud of her and a bunch of nonsense that, honestly, doesn't deserve the pixels I'm using to type about it. I understand best friends who feel betrayed, trusted alliance-mates who were blindsided. I get all that. What I don't get is someone who was as ignorant as anyone else out there lecturing the Final 3 about all her morals. All that is is the speech of a Survivor loser. They never allowed her in the game and she's pissed about it. I think Phillip said it best, "To hell with you, Julie. To hell with you." Julie...sit down, the Specialist (and this recapper) has spoken. As she sits down, Rob tells Natalie not to worry, "They'll be all smiles later." He really does seem to have a little sister thing going on here where he feels the need to protect, or at least, comfort her. At the end of all this, chalk another one up for Rob.

Rob 5, Phillip 1, Natalie 0.

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