Survivor: Redemption Island

Seems Like a No Brainer, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 18, 2011

They've won over $2.2 million by playing Survivor.

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After Tribal, we come back to Phillip reflecting on the 39 days. Jessum Herring told him that he could get to the end and he did. He thanks his great great grandfather for joining him on this journey. He learned a lot about himself on this adventure and can't wait to get to the jury to let them know why they're out of the game, but he's still in it. (Yeah, Phil...probably not the best way to get any votes, but in your case...roll with it buddy, no one's voting for you anyway.) Tree mail brings the Final 3 feast. Natalie tells us how this was the hardest thing she's ever had to do and she feels like she stands for her generation. (Um...okay.) She is so proud that she made it through these 39 days. It makes her feel like she can accomplish anything now. She still seems to think she can win, but I think in the long run, she'll be happy knowing that she made it this far.

As they sit and talk after gorging themselves, Phillip asks Rob how he managed to keep him in the game. Rob tells him it was hard work every single time. Rob then tells us that he's overwhelmed with being just one step away from the top. We see him "tutoring" Natalie on the final jury. He tells her that his mistake last time was that he felt bad. He apologized. He tells her he wished he'd have just stood up and said, "You know what, kiss my ass." He tells us that while he's helping Natalie, he's still playing the game and he's suggesting to her that she say what he wants her to say. He tells us that he feels that he's done his job this time and that the jury shouldn't have a choice in who to vote for.


Now, if I could have everyone bow their heads. It's been a long season of Survivor. We've laughed, Russell's cried. There have been good times and bad times. Even crazy times. But there was one thing that was with us through all of those times. And sadly, its time has come to an end. Phillip says, "I want to say that I was never proud to wear plum colored underwear. I knew that my manhood was not reflected in the briefs that I wear, but rather in the character that I bring to the game. And so, with happiness and joy as I approach my destiny, I bid you adieu." And with that, Phillips tosses his pink tighty whities on the fire. Rob summed it up best, "Thank GOD! Now go wash your hands." As they prepare for the walk to Tribal, we get one last Jessum Herring reference as Phillip feels that his great great grandfather would be glad to see those underwear come to an end. And this is the type of good stuff you get on Survivor, when there's no pressure left anymore. With no more strategizing or voting left, you can almost see the weight lift off the Final 3's shoulders.

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