Survivor: Redemption Island

Seems Like a No Brainer, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 18, 2011

They've won over $2.2 million by playing Survivor.

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She then turns to Natalie. She suggests that her relationship with Rob was borderline creepy and that because of her deal with Rob, she betrayed her best friend out there. She wants to know what the allure of Rob is that she would pick riding his coat tails to sticking with her best friend. Natalie says that when someone with the experience of a person like Rob wants to help you through this game, you'd be a fool not to take it. Andrea has nothing to ask Rob and as she sits, Natalie looks at Rob and sarcastically apologizes for "being creepy."

Rob 1, Phillip and Natalie 0.

Next up is Ashley. She tells Phillip she has nothing to ask him because she's tired of hearing his voice. So she's going to speak and he's going to listen. Naturally, he interrupts her to say that he'll talk if he wants to. She says that she wants to say her piece and move on, and he answers back, that she can say her piece, but don't tell him what he's not going to do. She goes on about learning patience from Phillip in that special condescending way that only Ashley has, to which Phillip says that she sounds like a whiny child. Ha ha. I love this guy. Not that he had a chance anyway, but he is just teeing off on everybody so far.


Next up is Natalie. Ashley is pissed that Natalie wouldn't even let her know she was going home. Natalie tries to explain it away by saying it was a back and forth decision, and that ten minutes before Tribal, the decision was made. Ashley tells Rob that he deceived a lot of people and that she also had him up on a pedestal. Ashley says that she doesn't even feel like she knows him and doesn't think she wants to know him. He just nods and smirks as if to say, "Hope that felt good, now sit down, shut up and write my name down."

Rob 2, Phillip and Natalie 0.

Next up is Grant and this should be explosive. He has looked bitter and hurt from the moment he was voted out. Grant starts with Natalie and says that he also had an alliance with Rob that he thought was strong. He wants to know what the nature of their alliance was and he then asks the same question of Rob. Natalie says that Rob came to her in the beginning and they felt like they could trust each other. She said she can't speak to Grant's deal with Rob and that he was a huge threat. Rob says that Natalie came to him and asked him what to do. He told her that if she did exactly what he told her to do; he'd take her to the end. He said the relationship that he had with Grant was real and he felt it all the way up until the point where he thought Grant would kick his ass. He tells Grant that he just couldn't sit up there next to him if his goal was to win. Grant says that he sure wishes they could have just duked it out up there. He completely ignores Phillip.

Rob 3, Phillip and Natalie 0.

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