Survivor: Redemption Island

Seems Like a No Brainer, Part 2

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

May 18, 2011

They've won over $2.2 million by playing Survivor.

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As the jury walks in, the only thing of note is the scowl Ashley gives to Natalie as she takes her seat. Jeff explains all of the blah, blah, blah of the final Tribal. Each person will get to make an opening statement and then the jury gets to address the finalists. Then...we'll vote. So let's get right to it.

Natalie starts us off. She says that she made it the 39 days and she just wanted to come in and play the best game that she could. She says her strength in the game was her social skills. She says she had an alliance from Day 1 with Rob and that's why she is where she is now. She's loyal. She also adds that she would be the youngest Survivor winner, if they decided to vote for her.

So breaking it down: she's young, loyal and owes her appearance in the Final 3 to Rob.

Okay, next up is Phillip. Phillip feels he deserves to be there because his strategy was turned upside down when Boston Rob got off the helicopter. He said that after the first Tribal, he apologized to Rob for trying to vote him off and that Rob accepted his apology. He then says that he wouldn't be sitting there right now, if not for Boston Rob. He also takes credit for coming up with the concept of "Stealth," which allowed their tribe to completely destroy the Zapateras. He then says that Rob was the mastermind who came up with the entire plan for their tribe, and he (Phillip) implemented it. He feels that his loyalty to Rob is what got him to the finals.


So, breaking it down: he's insane, he loves the term "Stealth" and he owes his appearance in the Final 3 to Rob.

As we come to Rob, I'm actually wondering if he needs to say anything. But of course, he does. He thanks the jury for allowing him to play the game with them, especially Ometepe. He says that had he ended up on Zapatera, things may have been different. He then starts to list his resume. Four immunity challenge wins, he set up the Ometepe six alliance that dominated the second half of this game. He set up all the sub-alliances for when the six were all that was left. He also talks about how much work he did around camp. He also says that he's been out there for 117 days over 10 years trying to win this game. He says that despite the fact that he loves this game and he owes a lot to it, Survivor does not define him. His wife and kids do that and at the end of the day, he wants to bring home a nice prize to help make their lives easier and he hopes they feel that he played the best game.

So breaking it down: he was a challenge beast, he dominated the strategic and social game and he worked his ass off around camp.

Hey Jeff...can we just skip the rest of the Tribal, give Rob his check and get on with the Reunion? I really MUST know what Russell thinks of all this. No? Okay, in that case, first up is Andrea. She addresses Phillip, calls him weird and then asks him that since he had so many different personae, who is the real Phillip Sheppard. He says that she doesn't know the real him, because he was on the outside of the original alliance and therefore she does not know who he is. He then says that she had 39 days to get to know him and if she doesn't...then don't vote for him. (Odd strategy...but would we expect anything less?)

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