Survivor: Redemption Island

A Mystery Package

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 28, 2011

Screw you, Phillip.

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Jeff then gets to the twist. Steve opens up the package and it is a deck of cards. One of them is to be read. They will now have an immunity challenge and an immediate vote. And if you weren't sure that Rob was playing one of the greatest games of Survivor ever, he's already planned for this potential outcome. Now all that matters is who wins immunity and whether or not he's decided on Steve or Andrea as the boot this time. Either way, he is so in tune with this game, it's almost laughable. He's so far ahead of everyone else out there, it's embarrassing. Of course, he has played the game four times...he damn well should have learned how to play it by now.

The second immunity challenge is a simple (but not so simple) memory challenge. Jeff will show a series of cards with different objects on them. The players will need to remember the order and reproduce that order. You miss one object, you're out of the challenge. I'm not going to go through the full order of objects. I'll just say that he shows seven of them. First round, everyone gets it right. Second round, everyone still gets it right. Third round, everyone is right again. Fourth round, we lose Phillip and Natalie. Fifth round, we lose Grant and Andrea. Sixth round, only Rob has kept up, giving him individual immunity for this vote. With no discussion at all, they go straight to the vote. We only see two votes this time. Andrea votes for Steve and Steve votes for Grant. The only question here is whether Ometepe finishes what they started, or do they take out one of their own first? The best way to say it is, "The Pagonging is complete." Steve goes home by a 6-1 margin and Ometepe has done what few tribes have ever done. They came into the merge and one by one annihilated the other tribe. It's crazy that the events of this game were set into motion with one horrible decision on Zapatera's part. Somewhere, Russell is giggling his ass off. And deservedly so. I say it all the time, never, Never, NEVER throw a challenge to vote someone off.


Next time on Survivor: Ometepe celebrates, for a minute. We hear Rob talking about how someone has to go to Redemption Island and they promise a challenge that takes it out of everyone. The preview finishes up with Rob saying, "32 days of hard work gone, just like that." We see Ralph getting to Redemption Island and he's telling us that if any of the Zaps make the final three, they'll probably win the whole thing. As he's talking with Mike and Matt, Steve surprises the heck out them by showing up shortly after Ralph.

So with six people left, now is a hard time to make a move. With an immunity idol in his pocket, that no one knows about, it's a real bad time to try to make a move against Rob. I can only think that Rob should still call the shots for the next vote. Once they get to five...that will be the time that a threesome could take control and send Rob to Redemption Island. If they don't wise up, though, Rob will win this game. Please be sure to keep your eyes out for the Power Rankings next Wednesday during the day! Until next week, take care!

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