Survivor: Redemption Island

A Mystery Package

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 28, 2011

Screw you, Phillip.

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Next up is Steve completely dogging it and talking about how weak he is and how he doesn't have anything left. Rob tells us that it's enough for Ralph to have to go next. With all the possibilities of the twist, Rob goes on to say that he feels like he needs to hedge his bets in case someone else gets immunity or they have to vote two people out. He's still contemplating Andrea as a potential second vote. Rob approaches Ashley and Natalie and discusses dumping Andrea as the potential second vote...after Ralph, of course. The girls are on board with that as they're nervous about the potential of Matt coming back.

Finally seeing the girls alone, Steve tells them that he and Ralph are voting for Rob and if the three girls were to jump with them, Rob could go home and the game could totally change. He tells them that Ron seems dead set on taking Nimrod (Phillip) to the finals with him. This is only told to Ashley and Natalie. Andrea is nowhere around this part of the conversation. Given this interesting offer and information, Ashley and Natalie do what any good coattail rider would do, they run right to Rob to tell him what happened. As he's done in four appearances on this show (this is also one of Russell's moves), if someone decides they want to make a move against Rob, that's the kind of person who HAS to go.


As we arrive at Tribal Council, Jeff starts tonight by talking to Rob. He asks if there will be another Zap voted out tonight. Rob says that's how it should be unless something else comes up. Jeff asks Andrea when it's time to make a move against the Ometepe tribe. She feels pretty strongly that they'll stick together until all the Zaps are gone. They've worked real hard to get to this point. Ralph tells Jeff that he figures it's his time to go tonight. Steve agrees. He suggests that Ralph is better in challenges and has more energy. Jeff points out that it's a decent strategy to pretend like he has nothing left in the tank, just to stick around through one more vote. Rob agrees. Grant chimes in that his lackadasical answer doesn't mean Steve has quit. He played in the NFL, he's no quitter. Phillip agrees that he feels like Steve could jump up and win an immunity challenge. Given one last chance to plead his case, Steve reminds the girls that back in the day, Rob made a promise to a guy that if he saved his girlfriend, he'd help him out later and then cut his throat. He says that it'll get brutal once he and Ralph are gone and now is probably the last chance to do something about it.

I have to admit, he's 100% right. NOW is the time to make a move. There are eight people in the game. If the three girls team up with Steve and Ralph and dump Rob, they now have the power. They could next take out Grant and Phillip and they'll have a 3-2 advantage over Steve and Ralph. Sure, other things could happen to ruin that idea, but for the first time in 30 some-odd days, Steve has finally said something that sorta resembles a strategy. Good for him! This is bantered about a bit and Jeff finally asks Rob about it and as always, Rob answers Jeff without actually saying anything. It's amazing how much nothing Rob can say at Tribal no matter how much he actually speaks. And now, it's time to vote. We see Ralph's vote for Rob as Steve makes a final plea to the girls. As they're voting, I can't help but notice that there's still 15 minutes left in this episode. There's more to come. Someone else is getting voted out. I just know it. Let's tally the votes. First two votes are for Rob and the next six are for Ralph, sending him to join Mike and Matt on Redemption Island.

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