Survivor: Redemption Island

A Mystery Package

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 28, 2011

Screw you, Phillip.

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Probst sighting #2! Today's challenge is a good ol' fashioned log roll. We all know the rules, let's just talk about the reward that goes along with this challenge. The winner gets a big fat chocolate cake and a huge pitcher of milk. We draw for match-ups and get started.

First up is a huge one. Grant vs Rob. Grant's athleticism and balance prove to be too much for Rob as Grant moves on to the semis. Next up is Andrea against Ashley. Apparently all of that pageant training was worth it as Ashley takes out Andrea rather easily. Our next match is Ralph vs Steve. Jeff asks Steve if he's ever done this before and Steve comes back with, "I'm in a league." Hey, that's not fair...they're biased against Ral..oh wait a second. I get it now. That tricky Steve. This was a short one as Ralph dispatches Steve quickly for his spot in the semis. The final match is Phillip vs. Natalie and Phillip takes her out just as quickly.


The first semi is Grant vs Ashley. This one takes longer than I expected, but the outcome was as I expected. Grant moves on to the finals. The next match is Ralph against Phillip. They go back and forth for a minute, but the farmer is just too much for Phil and Ralph moves on to the finals against Grant. Having almost slipped up in the last match, Grant removes his shoes for this one. He means it! After what has to be the longest log roll match in Survivor history, Grant's NFL skills prove to be too much for Ralph and Grant wins immunity AND chocolate cake. Of course, that's a huge cake. He probably better have someone join him. Naturally, he chooses the Robfather. When given a second choice, Grant starts thinking strategy and grabs Andrea. He tells us that since he and Rob are thinking of cutting her off, it's a good idea to choose her and make her feel more comfortable. Oh, but there's more! The much ballyhooed twist. Jeff tosses his package at Steve...I mean, Jeff tosses Steve a package and asks him to bring it to Tribal tonight, but do not open it prior. And he means it! After this, Grant and Co are given two minutes to dig into their cake, sans utensils. With chocolate all over their faces, time is up and it's time to head back to camp.

Not only is it time to play, "It's anyone but Ralph or Steve", it's also time to be reminded of the fantastic nature photography that Survivor has come to be known for. We come back to an incredible aerial shot of a pod of whales breaching the service and diving back down, which is simply an incredible image to see. I can't even imagine seeing it live. Anyway, we get back to camp and all the discussion is about the mystery package. Steve seems to think it feels like a deck of cards. Some of the discussion turns to a twist that could have a second person voted out at the same Tribal. What follows is a cool conversation between Ralph and Steve. Neither Steve nor anyone in the audience has any idea what Ralph just said. I think it was something along the lines of, "we never should have thrown that challenge." should have been!

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