Survivor: Redemption Island

A Mystery Package

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 28, 2011

Screw you, Phillip.

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Over on Redemption Island, Matt has reached an all time low. He tells us that he is done with this game. He says that the Lord has been carrying him this far and he's pretty much ready to be done. Mike and Julie seem a bit concerned for him as all he can talk about is going home. And with that, it's time for a...

Probst Sighting! As they walk in, Phillip points out his shorts, Julie grins and that's about it. Jeff asks Matt where he's at with all this time on Redemption Island. He says that he is at peace with everything. If he goes back into the game, he's fine with that. If he goes home, he's fine with that. He admits that he's ready to go home, but he's going to do his best and see what God's will is. This week's duel is Survivor Shuffleboard. Each player has three pucks that they need to get around a couple obstacles and land in the end zone. First two to get all three pucks in the end zone stay in the game, loser goes home.


First round, Matt and Julie come up short while Mike scores the first point. Second round, Mike gets his second point, Julie scores a point and Matt comes up empty. Third round, Matt scores, the other two miss. Meanwhile, Andrea is feeling uncomfortable with the way Matt's looking at her. While she's talking, Matt scores a second point and Mike and Julie miss again. Fifth round, Matt lands his third puck and stays in the game. The look on Rob's face is priceless. It says, "You have got to be effing kidding me." To finish off the fifth round, Mike misses and Julie lands a puck in the end zone, but she knocks off her other one. The sixth round is when Mike ends the misery and scores his third point. Julie is done. She tells us that she came out there because her house is in foreclosure and she was trying to make a better life for her girls. She's not upset, though, because she has earned so much more from people like Matt. She drops her buff in the fire and heads off to Ponderosa as the second member of our jury. As they head out, Andrea tells us she hopes Matt gets to come back into the game, although she doesn't expect him to talk to or trust her again. Why would he?

When we come back to the island, Andrea is telling the rest of the girls how bad she feels about Matt. As she rambles on, Rob is taking it all in. Andrea tells us that she feels like she had a big role in breaking Matt's spirit. Next we see Grant and Rob walking on the beach discussing when would be a good time to get her out of the game. They actually bounce around the idea of getting rid of her next. Grant tells us that timing is everything on these votes and it may just come down to immunity. Which means...

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