Survivor: Redemption Island

The Game Respects Big Moves

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 9, 2011

Are her eyes red? Like a demon's? Matt won't like that.

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Hello, good people! Put on your pink tighty whities, shave your pits and get your Red Sox cap, because it's another episode of Survivor: Redemption Island. Previously on Survivor: Phillip annoyed EVERYone, Grant owned another challenge, Rob littered into a volcano and Zapatera FINALLY decided to go for strength over loyalty and sent Sarita to become Matt's next RI victim. Funny that the Zaps would finally figure out that they needed a stronger team last week as it appears to be the last time they'll compete for Tribal Immunity as the merge is looming.

Previews suggest that Matt has an injury that could affect his duel performance. They also flat out tell us that the winner of this duel will come back into the game, the merge will happen this week and Redemption Island will continue. Of course, this makes me wonder if Matt gets back into the game and is then voted off to RI and THEN wins all the duels again, he could be the first person to be voted out of Survivor twice and still win the million. Cool, huh? No matter what, this is when I usually start to get real excited. Merge-time is when the game stops being polite and starts getting real (I've heard that before). Let's roll some power rankings and then get right to it.

Rob - 3-1 This episode is going to go a long way to determining how far Rob can go. He's the odds on favorite right now, but this could all change tonight. Either Matt or Sarita will come back into the game. Phillip's a crazy wild card and we still don't exactly know where Andrea's loyalties lie. But Rob does have an idol, so he's pretty much guaranteed to make it through this first Tribal and if things go his way, he could start making plans for his final plea to the jury.


Grant - 6-1 Grant is in a pretty decent spot regardless of what happens to Rob. Rob wins, Grant goes with him. If everyone targets Rob, he loses his stiffest competition. However, it won't take long before he's seen as a threat to win every challenge. So, he'd better be prepared to keep winning!

Ralph - 10-1 I'm leaving Ralph up here for two reasons. He has an idol and he's not going to be seen as the biggest threat. I think Rob will want to dump Mike and David...strength and brains, as he'll see them as bigger threats than Ralph. Here is where Ralph's simple approach will help him out. However, I would expect to see Rob try to flush that idol asap.

Natalie/Ashley/Andrea - 12-1 I'm putting these three back together again, mainly because I don't know where they are on the pecking order. I'm leaning toward putting Andrea a bit higher because Matt re-entering the game could bode well for her in a side alliance. But that remains to be seen, so I'll leave them together for now.

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