Survivor: Redemption Island

The Game Respects Big Moves

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 9, 2011

Are her eyes red? Like a demon's? Matt won't like that.

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We then see Sarita arriving to Redemption Island. Matt is glad to see her as he doesn't consider her too much of a threat. Sarita spills her guts to Matt about all of the inner workings of the Zapatera tribe. She suggests he hook up with Mike, if given the chance. Matt tells us that he had been planning to come back to hang with Ometepe...but it might not be a bad idea to hook up with Zapatera and take out his old tribe.

We come back from the credits to check in with Ometepe. Rob shows up with Tree Mail. This mail tells the entire tribe to come to Redemption Island for the duel. Everyone is expecting the merge. Rob says they should bring all their stuff to RI as he bets they don't come back to this camp. Phillip, of course, doesn't want to pack everything up. Rob insists and Phillip tells us that despite his feeling like a stepchild, he has learned quite a bit from Rob. Over at Zapatera, they're excited about a merge as well and Mike is ready to go toe to toe with Rob. Yeah? Good luck with that, Mike.

At Redemption Island, Matt has a serious looking cut on the outside of his foot. He's a little concerned about a potential endurance challenge on this cut. Sarita feels pretty confident that she can take him down.


Right off the bat, Jeff lets them know that the winner of this duel will go back into the game. And whaddaya know? It's an endurance challenge. They will stand on an inch wide foothold, while propping themselves up with their arms. We've seen this challenge before. I believe this was the challenge that almost killed Coach. Speaking of Coach, as both players last 15 minutes and move down to a piece of wood that's about a quarter inch, Jeff asks Phillip what it takes to get through this challenge. Phillip goes on some sort of diatribe about the "bushudo code". Who knows how long he actually speaks, but it's darn near the full 15 minutes until Matt and Sarita move to the smallest foothold of the challenge. Now it's "we go until one of you drops."

Meanwhile, Rob is concerned about Matt coming back into the game. He worries that Matt will flip on him and go to the other tribe, because that's what he would do. After several more minutes, Sarita starts to cramp up and drops out of the challenge. Six in a row, and Matt gets to come back into the game. But that's not all...

Drop your buffs, we are merged. They have a map to their NEW campsite. Oh yeah, and one more thing, beginning with the next Tribal Council, Redemption Island starts again. Which means Matt could conceivably be voted out of this game twice and still win. Huh?? As we go to break, he tells us that he has several options now and he's not sure what to do, because one slip up and he can be sent right back out of the game.

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