Survivor: Redemption Island

The Game Respects Big Moves

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

April 9, 2011

Are her eyes red? Like a demon's? Matt won't like that.

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When the tribe gets back to camp, I'm not sure who's going home. Mike tells the tribe he thinks either he or Ralph will get the vote. Ralph says that he will use the idol for Mike if they need him to. Mike then tells them that even though Rob is the obvious vote here, maybe they should take out his "right hand man" Grant.

We then see Matt and Rob having a "moment." Matt tells us that he is not going to flip on Ometepe, he's with them 100%. He tells Rob that Mike has approached him and let him know that he has an idol and could use it for him. He admits to Rob that he actually thought about voting him out, but he changed his mind and that he's totally with Ometepe. And it's no surprise that Rob is NOT happy to hear that information. He doesn't tell Matt, but he does tell us that you NEVER tell someone you thought about voting them off. He says that it just means he can't be trusted and needs a one way ticket back to Redemption Island.

Andrea joins the conversation and Matt tells her that he spilled the beans to Rob. She's not too happy that Matt threw her under the bus. The three of them decide that Steve is the best option of the Zaps to be voted out. As soon as this little pow wow breaks up, Rob starts spreading the word: Matt's the vote. He tells Natalie and then Grant. Grant sorta hedges on it, but goes along. Ashley is next and agrees that he has to go. Mike goes on the hard sell with Matt telling him that he's last in the pecking order. Last up, Rob tells Phillip that it's Matt.


In another weird move, Mike decides to write a note to Matt, since Rob isn't letting him out of his sight. As they're working on the shelter, he slips Matt the piece of paper. Now, he tells the rest of the Zaps that he's writing this note, but none of them know what it says. When Matt reads it, it says, "Vote for Grant and I'll take you to the Final Three." Okay, now that's pretty damn smart. Now he promised Final Three. And the beauty of it is that the rest of his tribe knows he wrote a note, but not that it totally sold them all out. Right before Tribal, Rob goes to Andrea with the Matt vote. She is not feeling too good about it, but at the same time, Matt is flighty and she doesn't really trust him anymore.

So Jeff begins Tribal Council with Ralph and asks him what it's like to have so many people at camp. Ralph says it's rough, but they're also still two teams, just living together. Rob chimes in that the two tribes aren't talking to each other at all and he's never seen anything like it. He asks David if that's what he expected. He tells about the split under the tarp, which gets Ashley to chime in that they won the tarp. David counters by saying that he didn't exactly try too hard in that challenge. And bam, right off the bat, the thrown challenge comes up again. And with that mention, ladies and gentlemen, I give you...Phillip.

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