Survivor: Redemption Island

Their Red Headed Step Child

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 24, 2011

Hi. I was on Survivor for about 5 minutes.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to Survivor: Redemption Island. We're six episodes in and yet, only three people have gone home. This is the brilliance of Redemption Island. Last week, Matt continued his winning streak by sending Kristina home. She played hard and she played pretty smart, she just got on the wrong side of the Boston Rob train and had to go. While Kristina was packing her things, Stephanie and Krista were swearing their allegiance to the Robfather. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that either girl is going to last long enough to honor that commitment, as Krista was sent to RI, where she'll face off with (and lose to) Matt, leaving Stephanie all alone on the Zapatera tribe and the obvious next boot.

Previews for this week are designed to make us think Matt might lose, but I'm not buying it. They also suggest that Phillip loses it on the girls of Ometepe for being lazy. What this tells me is that we're looking at a Phillip Episode tonight, so who knows WHAT will happen. One thing's for sure, this episode will be chock full of crazy and pink panties.

Before we get to the new episode, let's update the Power Rankings:

Rob - 4-1 I hate to keep sounding like a Rob fanboy, but nothing has happened in this game to weaken his position. He's now down 7-6 in actual numbers, but when you throw Stephanie into the mix, he's got the advantage. And with Matt seemingly willing to come back to Rob's side, it's even more lopsided.

Grant - 8-1 Every good Don has to have a Consiglieri and right now, Grant plays that role for the Robfather. It'll be interesting when the game becomes individual, because Rob will be seen as a threat and Grant might be able to skate for a while as attention all begins to focus on Rob.


Ralph - 10-1 Ralph still owns the Zapatera immunity idol - even though everyone knows it. Because of that, I'll list him as the top dog over there, though I have a feeling that it might change soon.

David - 12-1 David is starting to separate himself from the pack a little and gets his own spot for the first time. He's an incredibly sharp guy and his smack down of Sarita shows that he doesn't plan on backing off his opinion. That could be good or bad. In this case, the tribe lost, so I think the tribe will agree with his stand on the puzzle-thing.

Natalie/Ashley/Andrea - 20-1 I feel the momentum is shifting a bit to the Ometepe Tribe. Because of that, I'm going to move the three girls up a bit on the list. Andrea is threatening to separate herself from the others, but until she actually does it, I'm going to keep them lumped here.

Mike/Steve/Sarita/Julie - 30-1 I'll leave this group together because none of them are even remotely interesting to me. If their alliance manages to stay together, any of them could emerge as a favorite. As it is now, they're just there for me.

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