Survivor: Redemption Island

Their Red Headed Step Child

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 24, 2011

Hi. I was on Survivor for about 5 minutes.

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Back at the new Loser's Lodge, it's time to play "It's anyone but Stephanie." David has been lobbying for Stephanie over Sarita. David tries to explain to people that getting the best six people in the challenges is WAY more important than anything else at this point in the game. Stephanie goes to Julie and appeals to her sense of strength. She can't seem to get over the fact that they can trust Sarita and that may be more important that Sarita's poor performance in the challenges. The guys are down on the beach and David is still lobbying. All he cares about is winning and he feels Sarita will not help in that aspect. Julie and Mike seem to agree with all of this, but Steve says Stephanie isn't much stronger than Sarita. So, we head to Tribal with a definite Stephanie or Sarita vote forthcoming.

Right off, Jeff hits David about throwing that challenge. He suggests that it was definitely a mistake as they gave Ometepe momentum that has carried over. Ralph is asked about the challenge today and he says they'd have been better if he had been shooting the balls. Jeff then asks Sarita why she sat out the challenge...and THERE'S the question of the day. Stephanie jumps right in to say that Sarita was scared of the potential physicality of that challenge. Sarita basically says, "Was not!"

As it continues, she says that she didn't want to be the one who said that she could do it and then ended up failing. And this is where I love Jeff. He responds, "So then you're saying you were glad to sit out because then you couldn't be the goat." As she tries to argue against this, David chimes in that that was exactly what she's saying. Sensing blood in the water, Stephanie goes on about how Sarita hates being there and complains all the time. Jeff asks Steve about Stephanie and he says that she's a warrior. As a positive for Sarita, he says she's loyal but could stand to do some more around camp and be better in challenges. David chimes in again and gives a perfect assessment of where this tribe is right now, "It's a tribe that's too obsessed with trusting one another at a time when trust isn't the most important will come with time. Right now we need to focus on winning." And with that, it's time to vote.


We see Sarita's vote for Stephanie saying that she should spend more time trying to fit in with the tribe. Next up is Stephanie's vote for Sarita saying that she'll see her on Redemption Island and will kick her ass then. Finally, we see David's vote for Sarita. He says he made the best arguments he could and he hopes it works. But when it's all said and done, David did little more that make the NEXT vote the Zapatera tribe will cast that much easier. Stephanie heads to Redemption Island by a tally of 5-2.

And with that, the unlikely has happened. The tribes are now equal at six members a piece. Mix in the fact that both people at Redemption Island plan to come back to the Ometepe alliance and the Robfather is sitting pretty. Or is he...?

Next time on Survivor: Matt and Stephanie duel it out at Redemption Island. David has taken the place of Russell, Krista and Stephanie as the person annoying the Zapatera Tribe, and Rob tells us that if they lose, the target's on him. Will that affect his Power Ranking next week? Don't count on it. Until then, take care.

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