Survivor: Redemption Island

Their Red Headed Step Child

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 24, 2011

Hi. I was on Survivor for about 5 minutes.

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Let's leave that nastiness and head back to Redemption Island. Looks like Krista got her luxury item in their tree mail. It's her hot pink bible. We join Matt and Krista really bonding on the beach over a meal and a prayer. Matt tells us that the connection might make it harder to compete against her. Cue the challenge music.

Andrea, Natalie, Mike and Julie are there to observe today's duel, which will see each player using a grappling hook to gather three bags. Once they have all three bags, they'll need to use one of the balls that are in the bags to complete a table maze. While Krista jumps out to a quick lead, I don't have it in me to do a play by play. In the end, Matt wins this challenge pretty easily, making it four in a row. This time around, he almost looks disappointed that he won. Before Krista leaves, she reaches in her bag and gives Matt her Bible. As he hugs her and thanks her, you can see the jealousy in Andrea's eyes. She is NOT happy seeing how he bonded so quickly with Krista. She confirms this by telling us that she isn't so sure how interested she is in him coming back.


We come back from break to the Zapatera tribe and Sarita is having an issue. Apparently, she was using a stick to clean her teeth and may have cut her gum with it, and it could be getting infected. Ralph is shocked that someone out there would be worrying about her back teeth. There's a lot of talk about how annoying Sarita is getting. David is then seen talking to Stephanie telling her she needs to find a way into the group. He wants to dump Sarita in a bad way. He suggests that she should try to talk to everyone soon and to not be pushy about it. Stephanie knows she has to do it, but she's having a hard time with having to suck up to people she hates.

Over at Ometepe, Phillip is about to blow. Apparently a storm's a-coming. And Natalie and Ashley don't care to get some wood or help out in any way. Ashley justifies this, of course, by saying that he TELLS them what to do instead of ASKING. Really? Aren't you a frickin' grown up? Shouldn't you be able to figure this stuff out without someone telling or asking you? Oddly enough, the thing that has Phillip's pink panties in a bunch the most is that they're not giving him credit for what he does. And here he goes. Phillip explodes. He tells Ashley and Natalie that they are lazy and need to get some work done. He tells them that he will not be working the fire at all tomorrow, and the girls can take care of it. As Ashley tells him she's walking away from him, Phillip decides to follow her, still going off. I have to say, I am 100% in Phillip's camp on this. At some point, you have to get off your ass and do some work. And to actually have the nerve to seem offended that he told you to do some work is obnoxious.

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