Survivor: Redemption Island

Their Red Headed Step Child

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 24, 2011

Hi. I was on Survivor for about 5 minutes.

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Thankfully, Rob has heard enough. He knows that if they're to keep winning, he has to smooth this over. He goes to Phillip and tells him that it's important that they keep winning. Even though he agrees with Phillip, he's just fine with the girls not doing anything. The lazier they are, the less likely they are to get votes at the end. Finally, that ends and we go... Zapatera where Stephanie goes over to talk to Steve. She reluctantly apologizes for voting for him. Steve isn't sure if she really means it, or if she's playing the game. While they talk, she does mention that she feels that Sarita is the weakest member of the tribe. Steve agrees that Stephanie is stronger. Steph tells us that she would love to have a challenge where she can really shine while Sarita sucks.

And we come back from break to a Probst sighting! Today's challenge is a little more physical. Two players will slingshot balls onto a court while the others try to catch them. Doesn't matter what color ball you catch, if you catch it, you get a point. First team to get five points wins immunity and reward. Today's reward will be a nice picnic lunch overlooking the main harbor. Sarita sits out the challenge, while Stephanie and David take the roles of the shooters. Phillip and Natalie shoot for Ometepe.


I'd recap the challenge, but I think Mike suffered enough. As it turns out, Grant made Mike look like a high school cornerback grabbing a quick three points. After Rob steals one of the purple balls for a 4-0 lead, Grant catches the final point to win the challenge in a 5-0 skunk. I just searched for somethingto which I could compare the ass kicking that Grant just laid on Mike...and the best I can do is when James took care of Randy in a physical challenge in Heroes vs. Villains. Except, I think Randy held up better than Mike. Just a horrible showing for the former marine.

After the break, we join Ometepe on their reward. Everyone stuffs their face and as they do, Rob eyeballs the hidden immunity idol clue. Realizing that he can't get it without everyone seeing, he just decides to let someone find it. As it turns out, Grant is the one to see it and grab it. So like a couple of middle school kids, they get up real fast and go to look at the clue. Of course, you can't pull one over on the former federal agent. Phillip breaks up their little clue reading. Rob basically sucks it up and lets Phillip see the clue. Phillip tells us all about their stealth three-man alliance. And he's pretty upset that Rob and Grant tried to make off with that clue. He served his country for "four years, 11 months and 13 days where duty, honor, country...that means something to me. And when you try to trash on that, me and the United States got something for you." So, um, Rob and Grant will soon have the entire United States coming for them...or something.

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