Survivor: Redemption Island

We Hate Our Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 16, 2011

She's mumbling under her breath about how much she hates Phillip.

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I know this recap is already long enough, but I have to add a little something here. When you're the minority alliance, sitting on your ass and bitching about your predicament is no way to stay in the game. You get up and you watch and you listen. See who's talking to who and, more importantly, who's NOT talking to who. You listen and you sneak and maybe you're in the right place at the right time and you hear Sarita and Dave arguing. Then you go to Sarita and say, "Yeah, Dave's a douchebag...I think we should all vote for him." I mean, this is your life in the game and these two idiots are content to just sit there and accept their fate. You know, hitching your wagon to Russell is a pretty dumb move, but not nearly as dumb as not even trying to save your own ass. Okay, back to the show.

The rest of the show is essentially a big game of "Krista or Stephanie." They head to Tribal and the conversation pretty much remains the same. Krista goes on and on about how the alliance isn't really playing the game. Sarita toots their horn by bragging about dumping Russell, so they must be playing the game. In all honesty, this whole Tribal is a pretty big bore. Krista finally has something to say, but it's too little too late. Stephanie actually takes a step back and plays the "I hope they recognize what I bring to the game" card. The highlight of the Tribal is Krista and Mike arguing about strategy, when neither of them would know a strategic move if Rob smacked them in the face with it. Krista tries to "out" some sub-alliances within the main alliance, but I don't think anyone on Zapatera is as impressed with it as Jeff was. And with that, there's only two questions. Krista or Stephanie? And who will they vote for?


When Jeff tallies up the votes, the first two are for Steve and the rest are for Krista. And in a mild upset, Krista passed Stephanie in the "annoying chick I can't stand to have in the game anymore" meter. So this leaves Stephanie to fend for herself and the rest of the Zapatera tribe feeling pretty comfortable with their place in the game.

Next time on Survivor: Matt's winning streak in in trouble and the Ometepe girls have a little "spa day," which pisses off Phillip. So, if nothing else, I fully expect a good five minutes or so of Phillip crazy and that's always fun. Also, don't let the previews fool you. Matt ain't going anywhere!

Quickie programming note: generally around this time of year, Survivor takes a couple weeks off to make room for the NCAA March Madness Men's basketball tournament. But don't forget, Survivor's on Wednesdays now, so it will be on next week at its regular time. So, until next week, take care everyone.

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