Survivor: Redemption Island

We Hate Our Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 16, 2011

She's mumbling under her breath about how much she hates Phillip.

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We come back from break to the Ometepe tribe enjoying their sweet reward. Amazing what a win and some donuts can do for tribe morale. Of course, we can count on Phillip to bring the creepy as he offers a donut for a massage. As everyone eats, Grant opens a jar of coffee and he sees a clue inside. Problem is, so does Rob. So, all of a sudden, we have a Stockton to Malone pick and roll going on to get the clue away from the rest of the tribe. Once they get away, Grant gives the clue to Rob to go hide and he goes back to the feast. Now that Rob is alone, he decides to take the new clue and switch it out with the old crappy clue. Once he and Grant get back together, he shows Grant the vague clue and they decide to bury it together.

I'm sorry, but this is amazing. If you ever wondered why they keep bringing Rob back, the scene last week when Rob found the idol was a pretty solid clip. But this week's cloak and dagger with Grant, over a clue to an idol that, oh by the way, Rob already Rob's Survivor Oscar clip. He even tells us that this was all a waste of time but, "'s fun for me. I have to entertain myself out here somehow."

As we go back to Zapatera, we are treated to some phenomenal footage of a couple of sea turtles burying their eggs in the sand. I always seem to mention this at some point during a Survivor season, but the camera work they do on this show is top notch and every year they end up with some of the most fantastic nature shots I've ever seen. I know this is a teeny tiny bit of the show, but I really feel this is one of the things that sets Survivor apart from the rest of the reality junk that's all over TV. Okay, enough kissing up to the Survivor people (seriously though, Jeff...I'm ready to be on the me).


We join the power alliance talking about losing the challenge. Steve is saying that David is the puzzle guy, hands down. Yeah, Steve? Where were you when Sarita decided to anoint Stephanie. This leads toward a nice little argument between David and Sarita about who should do puzzles and who works well under pressure. This conversation ends with David saying that no one else will do any puzzle ever for the rest of the show. Yeah, everything's super duper with the main alliance. We join Julie and Sarita discussing who they like more, Stephanie or Krista. They agree that Krista is the one they like least. Sarita tells us that if it were up to her, David would be going home tonight.

We then see Krista and Stephanie working to stay in the game. Oh wait a minute, no they're not. They're sitting in the shelter playing the "woe is us" game while doing absolutely nothing to try to keep them in this game. Aside from the fact that what they're doing is completely useless, Stephanie decides she wants to slam on Steve. Okay, that's fine. He seems to be a bit of a tool-bag, so I can be down with that. Except she says, "Steve's not a good athlete." *spittake* That's right Stephanie. He's not a very good athlete. He's just a former NFL football player. And come on, they let ANYone in that league, right JaMarcus Russell? Seriously, though, if you want to slag a guy, I say go for it, but don't say something that stupid in a situation where there's a camera and microphone to record it.

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