Survivor: Redemption Island

We Hate Our Tribe

By Jim Van Nest, Survivor Analyst

March 16, 2011

She's mumbling under her breath about how much she hates Phillip.

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We come back from the credits to the Zapatera tribe. It's just one big happy family minus Krista and Stephanie. As they dine on fish, Steve thinks maybe they should try to bring the girls back into their alliance. Shortly after dinner, Tree Mail arrives and Stephanie and Krista are chosen to witness the next RI duel. As they head out to the arena, Stephanie decides she is going to let Ometepe know that they're ready to flip at the merge.

And who is at the arena for Ometepe? Rob and Grant. Are you frickin' kidding me? Half of his own tribe has thrown themselves at him. He found the immunity idol and now he's gonna have part of the Zapatera tribe throwing themselves at him. Could Rob be in a better position right now? Oh yeah, and we do have a duel to get to. Each person has to complete one of the patented Survivor cube puzzles. It's a three foot by three foot cube and the pieces appear to be pretty heavy. Matt gets right to it only to find that he's wrong and has to start all over. Kristina has a similar issue and has to begin again.

As Jeff points out that Rob is one of today's observers, Matt decides to ask Rob why he voted him out as he still doesn't understand. When prodded by Jeff, Rob only says that it takes more than one person to vote someone out. "You know that, Jeff." Maybe it's talking to Rob, maybe it's not getting an answer, but whatever it is, the light bulb goes on for Matt and he quickly solves the puzzle and sends Kristina out of the game. Naturally, Jeff has to ask about the back and forth between Rob and Matt. What comes out of that is Stephanie gets her chance to let everyone know that she and Krista are free agents. "I think yellow might look good on me." As Kristina drops her buff in the fire and everyone is heading back to their camps, Rob tells the girls to hang in there.


When we come back from break, we get to see what's going on at Ometepe with Rob and Grant gone. The way it seems is that Phillip and Andrea are doing all of the work, while Ashley and Natalie do nothing. Phillip laments that he can't seem to get in good with the girls. Then he goes on to compare them to crabs. I just don't get why they're not interested in hanging out with him. We finally see Phillip break through with Andrea. He suggests that he didn't care for Matt being voted out. After a lot of back and forth, what we basically learn is that if Matt ever manages to get back into the game, he will likely have a two-person alliance waiting for him, if they can hang on.

Stephanie and Krista are bummed to return back to camp. They decide to tell everything that happened except the whole "Rob, Rob he's our man" incident. Stephanie's plan is to just keep winning challenges until the merge where she can throw in with Rob and Co.

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