The Amazing Race All Stars Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 1, 2011

So long, nondescript people who we've already forgotten...again.

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The first episode of Unfinished Business had an anti-climatic climax with us knowing who would be in last and that they weren’t going to be eliminated with about 15 minutes still to go. Hopefully, tonight’s episode finishes someone’s business. Based upon last week’s performance, my power rankings have shifted dramatically.

1. Best friends Zev & Justin (Season 15) – They exhibited the strengths from their previous seasons and also wisely have solidified their alliance with a strong team in the Globetrotters. When it comes down to it, I feel they could outpace Flight & Easy by keeping a far enough distance between them as the Pitstops near.

2. Globetrotters Flight Time & Big Easy (Season 15) – I still go with them being the team that works the best together and they took a chance on not even solving the puzzle but asking Zev & Justin for an assist. This tandem should go all the way to the end.

3. Father/Daughter Ron & Christina (Season 12) – The way they worked together this first leg was solid and Ron kept his criticism in check. Christina is playing smart by helping other teams on her terms. This is better than aligning yourself too closely to another team unless you have an existing relationship (i.e. Globetrotters/Zev& Justin).

4. Sisters Kisha & Jen (Season 14) – I think the sisters did better than I expected and capitalized on their good fortune. But they will need to rely upon more than luck.

5. Former NFL cheerleaders Jaime & Cara (Season 14) – The strength I remember of these ladies was not displayed on the first leg. They seemed to rely too heavily on the alliance with a weaker team in Margie & Luke. Their collective mistake dropped them behind three other teams. I think they still have it in them to make it far but they need to be more independent to get better or they will just be carrying…


6. Mother/son Margie & Luke (Season 14) – I was not thoroughly impressed with them originally or in this first episode. They reaped the benefits of help from Jaime & Cara last time but I think that Jaime & Cara will suffer from their alliance this time around.

7. Engaged Amanda & Kris (Season 14) – The newly engaged pair surprised me with how well they did once they got to Australia, but their placement is thanks to a little ol’ heart attack that turned their second flight into the first flight. Also, they still have the mandatory U-Turn this leg that will not do them any favors.

8. Father/daughter Gary & Mallory (Season 17) – It seems a bit off placing them so far down in the rankings because they did get first this leg and are armed with an Express Pass. But they seem to be too easily frazzled and like Kisha & Jen and Amanda & Kris, their high positioning in the race was a lucky circumstance for them. I don’t think they will be able to translate that into a long run here.

9. Cowboys Jet & Cord (Season 16) – The most dramatic drop (and justifiably so) belongs to the cowboys. While some teams positively picked up where they left off as a team, these brothers seem to being doing the opposite. They don’t appear to have the fire (or even the fun) this time around. They carelessly missed the ferry and Jet basically phoned in the decoding task.

10. Goth couple Kent & Vyxsin (Season 12) – Here’s a team that is not competitively relevant. Unlike the Globetrotters who did it on purpose, the Goths relied upon others for help with the message after they screwed it up, which was only given strategically because they aren’t viewed as a threat - an assessment I agree with.

11. Father/son Mel & Mike (Season 14) – If the previews are to be believed (which is probably a mistake), Mel will be medically eliminated from the race. That would be a first, I believe. While he will likely still be racing, I think that this race is just too much for Mel and they will not quit but also will not win.

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