The Amazing Race All Stars Recap

By Daron Aldridge

March 1, 2011

So long, nondescript people who we've already forgotten...again.

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The dynamic duo duos of Margie & Luke and cheerleaders Jaime & Cara luck upon a ferry passenger who has a laptop are were willing to lend them. So, they know exactly where to go before even docking. They dash off the boat together, of course, because as Luke says, Jaime & Cara are his "Race Girlfriends" - because let’s be honest, there is no way that former NFL cheerleaders (one of whom is also a Playboy Playmate) would be "non-race girlfriends" with a mama’s boy like Luke. Anyway, they make it to Town Hall and take the next two spots on the first flight.

Where are the cowboys, you may be wondering? They are finally on the skiff from last week’s task after Jet’s inept flag message decoding display. The great equalizer of a guaranteed flight at 6:30 a.m. is waiting for them, but they are still sweating the presence of executioner Phil on the mat. Our host gets to psych out another team and one has to think that Phil enjoys the defeated look on their faces a bit too much before giving them hope.

By now, Mel & Mike have managed to secure the fifth spot on flight one with Kent & Vyxsin taking the last spot. Teams Clueless and Aimless of Gary & Mallory and Amanda & Kris (you can decide which is which) find hope in running into father/daughter Ron & Christina, who for the second time in as many episodes, have helped other teams out. This trio gets to Town Hall and each writes their names down for the second flight, which the Globetrotters are also on.


Everyone seems to be pondering the obvious question: “Where in the world are Jet & Cord?” Well, they're wandering the streets of Sydney in the dark, both literally and figuratively. As the other teams start showing up at the airport, I wonder if the producers have a magical third flight up their sleeve because these guys may need it.

Following some important words from their sponsors, Jet & Cord finally get a break in the form of a cabbie who knows exactly where to go. The boys are relieved they will be back with the group. This has easily been the worst leg Jet & Cord have ever raced. They really need to step it up and also bring back some of the fun that made me like them last time.

Both flights leave and land without incident and only 30 minutes separating them. It is still very much anyone’s race. Predictably, as soon as they get in their cars, Jaime & Cara and Margie & Luke decide to follow each other to a gas station for full directions. Their twosome turns into a threesome as Kent & Vyxsin have become unofficial members of this co-dependent alliance.

The second flight has landed and everyone is on their way to the Living Desert for their next clue, which is a Detour. Zev & Justin, Kisha & Jen and a re-energized Mel (who is now criticizing Kisha’s slow driving) & Mike all seem to find it easily. The choices are Spirit World, which involves creating a large mosaic on the ground and then performing a dance, or Natural World, which has the teams create four symbols using only natural materials as paint and their mouths to spray it. Justin rationalizes their choice of doing the mosaic by saying, “Zev is very artistic.” “And autistic,” Zev jokingly adds. These guys crack each other up. For my money, I would be following all the teams to Spirit World, except Amanda & Kris, who will be doing both.

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